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What Machines Are Necessary for Juice Filling Line? – 2

In the previous article “What Machines Are Necessary for Juice Filling Line?”, we mentioned that after the hot juice filling, the bottle will enter the bottle inverse sterilizing tunnel (or use cap sterilizing tunnel instead before capping), bottle spray cooling tunnel, and then the bottle blow dryer to dry bottles. After that, bottles enter the labeler (sleeve labeler), date printer, and packaging machine.

Labeling Machine In Juice Filling Line

The labeling machine can use non-adhesive labels, pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels, heat-sensitive self-adhesive labels, and wetted labels. From the user’s point of view, we can simply divide them into self-adhesive labels (labels pre-coated with adhesives) and non-adhesive labels (labels without adhesive). In the beverage filling line, self-adhesive labeling machines, paste labeling machines, and hot melt adhesive labeling machines are popular. Among them, self-adhesive labeling machines use self-adhesive labels, paste labeling machines and hot melt adhesive labeling machines use non-adhesive labels.

Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

The working principle of the self-adhesive label labeling machine is that the roll of labels is placed in the label station, the label bypasses the guide roller, and after being peeled off by the label stripping plate, the liner paper will pass through the guide roller and roll in the liner station. The whole workflow is: the bottle enters into the labeling roller position, the label passes through the stripping plate with a corner of the liner, the label roller presses the label onto the bottle, and the liner paper is disconnected from the label under the traction of the liner station and the action of the stripping plate, and is rolled into the liner station.

Non-Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

The working principle of the labeling machine for non-self-adhesive labels is to apply glue to the label before labeling, and then apply pressure to the bottle. The entire workflow is: label station transports the labels one by one, which is coated with adhesive on a glue roller and then sent to the bottle labeling position for labeling, where the pressing belt will press and tighten it. The adhesives mainly include dextrin type, casein type, starch type, synthetic resin emulsion and hot melt adhesive. Hot melt adhesives are now the most commonly used adhesives for the food and beverage industry. The method of gluing can be full width gluing or partial gluing.

Sleeve Labeling

In addition to the use of labeling machines, sleeve labeling machines are also widely used machines in the beverage packaging industry. The label of the sleeve labeling machine is a sleeve type PVC or other plastic label that can shrink when heated. Depending on whether the label is fully automatic or manually sleeved, the label can be rolled or sheeted. The label is first put into the appropriate position of the bottle by machine or hand, and then conveyor belt transports it into the shrinking tunnel. Shrink tunnels can be electric type or steam type. When the labeled bottle enters the shrinking tunnel, the label shrinks due to high temperature, so that the label attaches to the bottle and the labeling is complete. Steam-heated shrink tunnel requires an additional steam generator. Steam fills the entire shrinkage tunnel, so the temperature in the shrinkage tunnel is uniform, and the label shrinkage effect is good. The electrically heated shrinking furnace has a built-in heating tube, and the space temperature near the heating tube will be high, so the shrinkage effect of the label may receive some impact, and users need to pay attention to it regularly.

In terms of machine cost, self-adhesive labeling machine< sleeve labeling machine < hot melt adhesive labeling machine. In terms of label cost, hot melt adhesive labels < shrink labels < self-adhesive labels. Users need to consider which labeling machine to use from the aspects of filling line output speed and product characteristics. In How To Choose A Labeling Machine?, we describe each labeling machine in detail, click to view.

Date Printers In Juice Filling Line

The date printer can print the manufacturing date, batch number, code, shelf life, expiration date and other information on the bottle or outer packaging a. In a fully automatic filling line, date printers are indispensable. Users can choose between semi-automatic or fully automatic printers depending on their budget. In the packaging industry, non-contact inkjet printers and laser printers are the two more commonly used machines.

Ink Date Printer

Non-contact printing means that the printer does not touch the surface of the packaging when printing. Inkjet printers, also called ink date printers. The microprocessor controls the required letters, numbers and the number of inkjet heads according to the pre-set coding content, and the ink is sprayed onto the surface of the package through the arranged inkjet gaps, forming a dot matrix handwriting. Its coding speed is fast, the handwriting is clear, and it can cooperate well with the filling production line. However, to ensure that the inkjet head is not clogged and the ink is uniform and smooth, it is also necessary to fill the ink regularly.

Laser Date Printer

Laser date printers use the principle of optical imaging to transfer the content to be printed to the surface of the packaging object with the help of laser energy. Depending on the material of the packaging surface, the principle of action of the laser is also different. On metal or paper with layers, the laser burns a layer of material from the layer to form handwriting. On plastic or ceramic surfaces, the laser heats the surface color to form color-changing handwriting. On the glass, the laser forms frosted or etched writing on its surface. Depending on the type of bottle used, the user chooses a laser inkjet printer with fiber optics or carbon dioxide. A carbon dioxide laser inkjet printer is suitable for plastic bottles, glass bottles. Optical fiber laser inkjet printers are suitable for metal cans, etc.

Packaging Machine In Juice Filling Line

In How To Choose A Back-End Packaging Machine For A Beverage Filling Line?, we cover packaging machines in detail. Please click to view.

How to set up a bottled juice filling production line, I believe you now have an understanding. Contact us and Linho will work with you to create the perfect bottled juice filling line.

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