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Recycle Glass Bottle Washing Machine

With A Speed 6000bph, The Automatic Glass Bottle Cleaning Machine Can Be Used Easily In A Beverage Or Brewery To Wash The Recycled Glass Bottles.

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Soak, Brush, Steam

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The Commercial Washer Can Be Used With The Filling Machine, Capping Machine To Set Up A Bottle Washing, Filling, Capping Automatic Line. According To User Needs, We Can Also Provide A Single Machine With A Single Cleaning Function.

Details of Recycle Glass Bottle Washing Machine

Bottle rinser machine main structure

Soak machine, outside brushing machine, inside brushing machine with draining, bottle conveyor and control cabinet.

Automatic bottle washer working flow: character

Bottle in——soak and water spraying —–outside brush—–inside brush—–bottle inside cleaning water spraying——draining—–bottle out

Automatic bottle washing machine character

Speed: 5000-9000 bottles per hour

Label removing rate: >95%

Bottle cleaning rate: >92%

Bottle breaking rate: <0.9%

Soaking liquid: Hot alkaline water 50-75 degree.

Remove labels from bottles and collect peeling off labels

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