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Low Cost Labeling Machine For Bottles

The Labeling Machine Is Stable And Easy To Operate. High Sticking Precision And Good Sticking Performance Make The Machine Popular In Many Industries.

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You Must Need The Semi Automatic Label Sticking Machine For Your Round Bottle Filling Line. Semi auto Labeling Machine Is A Good Choice For Small Filling Lines. The Labeling Machine Is Affordable And Save Labor.

Details of Low Cost Labeling Machine For Bottles

Labeling Machine Application 

Hand Labeling Machine can stick labels on any kinds of round bottles for wine, cosmetics, drink, water and round cans, jars, cylinder. One Label, two labels, or full label are available.

The Labeling Machine is stable and easy to operate. High sticking precision and good sticking performance make the machine popular in many industries.

Labeling Machine For Small Bottles Feature:

  • With Manufacturing Date Mark Machine. Can Print Manufacturing Date, Batch No. On Labels.
  • High Sticking Precision. Sticking error ≤±0.5mm
  • Use Synchronous Belt To Make Machine More Stable.

Sticker Labeling Machine Parameter

  • Sticking Speed: 20-30pieces/minute
  • Power 120w
  • Max Label Width 150mm
  • Bottle diameter 10-150mm
  • Can be customized

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