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staff training,

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All of us came together because of different encounters, but the same passion, Formed the LINHO team.

I'm the Technical Director !!!


"I never thought that I would enter the machinery industry. This is really inconsistent with my personality and educational experience."
Zhang often said this, but he has been working in the beverage filling machinery industry for 20 years.

I'm the Sales Manager!!!


“People must love soda recently, lol".
Because she and her collegues have received several inquiries of soda production lines. She still need to prepare the spares that customers asked for. Machines packing and delivery also have to be arranged well.

I'm the Manager !!!


"Assemble and debug the filling production line before shipment. If it can run stably for 2-3 days, it can be shipped."
Shirley also need to follow up the production schedule of the workshop regularly to guarantee the delivery time.

I'm the Factory Director !!!


If you want to find Zhang, you can definitely find him in the workshop.
He likes to stay in the workshop to check the parts that have just been finished. This is a major issue related to the quality of the machine.

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