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Multi Function Bottle Capping Machine Desk Type

Semi-Automatic Capping Machine Is To Match With The Horizontal Filling Machine Or Other Small Bottle Filling Line.

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Semi-Automatic Capping Machine Is To Match With The Horizontal Filling Machine Or Other Small Bottle Filling Line. The Price Is Very Competitive And Friendly For A Beginner Or Small Factory. Different Kinds Of Caps Like Bottled Water Cap, Perfume Cap, Shampoo Cap, Spray Head, Pump Head, etc. Can Be Used. Very Idea Machine For A Small Factory Or A Beginner.

Details of Multi Function Bottle Capping Machine Desk Type

Sealing Machine Application 

This kind of Semiautomatic Sealing Machine is made of a cap screwing motor, screwing head, and multi-stage transformer.  The screwing head connects with the Screwing motor. When do the sealing, the screwing head covers the cap and presses it. Then screwing head rotates to sealing the bottle. The bottle can be sealed well in 0.3-0.5s. The sealing machine is very good and useful for wine factories, drink factories, daily chemical factories, and pharmacy factories.

Sealing Machine Feature:

  • Can be used for most caps. Such as bottled water cap, perfume bottle, shampoo bottle, spray head, pump head, atomizing pump head, handclasp type spray gun.
  • Fix bottle when doing the sealing.
  • Pneumatic and electric
  •  Wide capping rage. Cap diameter 16-50mm.
  • Two motors to supply big screwing power.
  • Touch panel control
  • Pedal switch mode and auto mode.

Sealing Machine Parameter

  • Power 240w
  • Cap diameter 16-50mm
  • Bottle diameter 50-400mm
  • Can be customized


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