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20L/5 Gallon Bottle/Big Jar Water Filling Machine

20l Jar Filling Machine Is Mainly Used To Produce Bottled Water With Volume From 3 Gallon To 5 Gallon. And Different Models Can Offer Production Capacity From 100 To 3000 B/H.


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Automatic Bottle Filling Machine Line For 5 Gallon Bottle From A To Z Complete Bottle Water Filling Machine Line. Speed 2400 Bottles per Hour. Inline Filling Machine WIth Volumetic Filling Valve and FFU Filter. The Whole Production Process Is Contolled By PLC, So This Barreled Water Production Line Is Automatic Through Control Panel, Users Can Monitor Vsually Working Conditions Of Each Machine Section And Operate Conveniently.

Details of 20L/5 Gallon Bottle/Big Jar Water Filling Machine

5 Gallon Water Filling Machine PRODUCTION LINE PROCESS

Manually barrel bottle feeding —Auto cap remove machine—5 gallon pet bottle washer—Auto barrel feeding machine—Auto inner washing—Filling and capping—label sleeve—Lamp check—Steam shrink machine—Date printer—Palletizer

5 Gallon Water Bottle Filling Machine CHARACTER

  • Barrel feeding and unloading is cylinder reverse type which is accurate and will not break barrel;
  • Spraying is homogeneous. Barrel inner wall is sprayed with pressure water. Every spaying position should wash the entire inner wall of the barrel
  • Filling machine adopts large flow filling process to reach accuracy liquid level positioning. It doesn’t spray water, waste finished water or bloat barrel.



TG-150 TG-300 TG-450 TG-600 TG-900 TG-1200 TG-2000



300BPH 450BPH 600BPH 900BPH 1200BPH




2 3 4 6 8





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