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What Is Alcohol Bottling Machine Line?

It is to produce bottled alcoholic drink such as beer, wine, spirits, and flavored drink like cider, perry, and rice wines.

How Big Is The Alcoholic Drink Market?

The global alcoholic drink market is equal to 515.2 billion USD in 2019. Until 2023, the drinks market in the world is expected to reach 647.7 billion USD .

The global alcoholic drink market is growing at a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period 2021 – 2023.

What Is The Trend Of Alcoholic Drink?

Beer segment is the largest in the market. It drives the alcoholic beverage market globally.

Consumers’ inclination towards to flavored drink contributes to the growth of the alcoholic drink market. Companies launch new product to meet demand.

Due to the increasing number of global young-adult, and high disposable income, premium and super-premium products is becoming preferred. It is anticipated to be the major driver in the global alcoholic drink market in 2020-2027/.

What Is The Impact of Covid-19?

The market grew less from 2019-2020 because of the elecnomic slowdown across countries. However, it is expected to recover from 2021.

What Machines Are Needed In A Alcohol Bottling Machine Line?

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What Material Are Needed For The Alcohol Bottling Machine Line?


Glass bottles are the main packing containers for alcohol drink due to they have less impact for the drink flavour. Aluminum cans are usually used for low alcoholic drink like beer and flavor drink.


Aluminum cap, crown cap, pull-ring cap are for glass bottles. Wood cork is the popular type for red wine. However, more companies adopt aluminum cap for red wine nowadays owing to its convenience. Lids is for metal cans.

aluminum caps

crown caps

pull-ring caps



Self adhesive label and glue label are usually for glass bottles and made from paper.

Packing Material

Shrinking film packing and carton packing are the main packing types.

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