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What Machines Are Necessary For Juice Filling Line?

In a beverage/juice filling line, whether it is a filling line for water, soda, juice or beer, you need a filling machine, labeling machine, and packaging machine. Depending on the beverage types, the filling process is different, and each filling line requires some machines that are different from other beverage production lines.

Take the juice filling line as an example. According to the filling line process, we need to choose right filling machine (aseptic filling machine, gravity filling machine, vacuum filling machine), labeling machine (self-adhesive labeling machine, single-sided labeling machine, multi-sided labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, manual labeling), packaging machine (cartoning machine, film packaging machine, manual boxing), date printer (ink date coding, laser date coding), we may also need the bottle inverse sterilizing machine, bottle spray cooling tunnel, blow dryer, etc.

Bottle Inverse Sterilizing Machine

Juice filling line

When we use the juice hot filling machine, we need to have a bottle inverse sterilizing machine after capping. The bottle inverse sterilizing machine is a special chain to slowly tilt the sealed bottle from the upright by 90°, so that the hot juice floods the cap, thereby sterilizing the cap. After that, slowly return the bottle to its upright position and proceed to the next procedure.

This method mainly uses 85~88 °C juice to sterilize the cap at high temperature. In order to achieve the sterilization effect, the high-temperature juice needs to have a certain contact time with the bottle cap. Therefore, the chain length of the bottle inverse sterilizing machine is longer and occupies a large space, so it is not suitable for manufacturers who have a small factory space. To reduce the footprint of the machine, the inline cap sterilization Tunnel is a better way. It is now also often used in filling production line.

In-Line Cap Sterilization Tunnel

Cap elevator transports caps to the cap sterilization tunnel. In the bottle cap sterilization tunnel, there is a circulating disinfection water spray area, a circulating pure water spray area, a pure water spray area, and a sterile air-drying area. When it is necessary, we will also add UV sterilization zones. When the cap passes through the sterilization tunnel, it passes through these areas in turn for disinfection and sterilization. After completing sterilization, caps enter the capping machine through the cap convey tunnel to complete the capping process. This method only occupies a small part of the space next to the capping machine. And the sterilization speed is fast, and the effect is good. It is not only suitable for sterilization of juice bottle caps, but also suitable for filling production lines such as water, soft drinks, beer, 5 gallon bottled water, etc.

Juice Filling Line Bottle Spray Cooling Tunnel

After the juice hot filling, the temperature inside the bottle is still maintained above 80°C. Higher temperatures have an impact on subsequent labeling, packaging, etc. Therefore, the bottle body should be cooled after filling to reach the indoor temperature. Generally 20~30 °C. The s bottle spray cooling tunnel generally adopts 3 spray zones. 3 zones use 3 levels of water at different temperatures to spray the bottle. In general, these three intervals use water at 60°C, 40°C, and 20°C, respectively. After capping, the bottle passes through the bottle spray cooling tunnel, and after water spraying in different temperature ranges, bottled juice are gradually cooled down to the indoor temperature.

Depending on the juice production process, the bottle spray cooling tunnel can also play a role in sterilization. Both the temperature and belt speed in the channel can be adjusted to achieve the required sterilization temperature and sterilization time.

Juice Filling Line Blow Dryer

After the bottle passes through the bottle spray cooling tunnel, moisture remains on the surface. In order not to affect the labeling, coding and packaging processes, the bottle body needs to be blow-dried. The commonly used blow dryer is the spider foot air knife dryer. This kind of blow dryer is a certain pressure of air sprayed out through the air outlet to blow away the moisture on the surface of the bottle. The air knife in the form of spider feet can freely adjust the blowing angle, and when the bottle shape changes, it does not affect the drying effect.

The above are several machines commonly used in bottled juice filling production lines. When designing a specific beverage filling production line, Linho will fully communicate with the user and work with the user to select the most suitable filling line machine.

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