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How To Choose A Filling Machine For Alcohol Drink?

Did you find out? Your life is closely related to the filling machine.

Today’s French fries are really good. A little more ketchup would be more delicious.

Do you have to work overtime again? Let’s refresh with a cup of coffee.

Do you want to take your children to a picnic this weekend? Don’t forget to bring their favorite juice and yogurt.

Relax at the bar in the evening. Which would you prefer with whisky and beer? Vodka cocktails are also good.

Stay healthy and exercise more. Mineral water can help you rehydrate. Or a bottle of energy drink would let you feel better.

On a hot summer’s day, a bottle of carbonated drink can help you rejuvenate.

So, What Is A Filling Machine?

Filling machines are a small category of products in packaging equipment. They can fill the food, medicine, daily necessities into the container, and achieve quantitative automatically. Based on the product types, filling machines can be categorized into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, particle filling machine, and containing grain sauce filling machine.

Why Buy A Filling Machine From China?

China’s bottling industry began in the 1980s. At that time, China introduced more than 800 beverage filling production lines from all over the world. After more than 40 years’ research and development, China has a very mature packaging machinery industry chain. Now, China can provide full production lines including beverage production, beverage filling to the rear packaging equipment. Made in China has a significant impact and a significant market share in the liquid food industry worldwide.

What Type of Filler Do I Need?

There is a wide variety of filling machines. Different filling materials and different container types, the filling machine types are different. According to the different filling principles, the filling machine has the following types:

1. Normal Pressure Filling Machine/Gravity Filling Machine

Filling method: When filling machine tank pressure equals to the atmospheric pressure, the filling is carried out by gravity.  

Features: Simple structure, low cost, simple maintenance.

Sutable drinks: low viscosity; no gas; not afraid of contact with oxygen. Such as drinking water, liquor, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.

2. Vacuum Filling Machine

alcohol drink filling machine

Filling method: Pump the packaging container into negative pressure, then fill liquid product into the packaging container.  

Features: Simple structure, high efficiency, wide range of viscosity adaptation.

Suitable drinks: non-carbonated beverages; Toxic liquids; High viscosity liquids. Such as juice, liquor, jam, pesticides, chemical reagents.

3. Isobaric Filling Machine/Counter Pressure Filling Machine

Filling method: Filling machine tank pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure. Inflate CO2 into the packaging container to make the container pressure equal to filling machine tank. Then fill liquid product into the packaging container by its gravity.

Features: Reduce the loss of CO2. Prevent excessive foaming affect the product quality and quantitative accuracy.

Suitable Drinks: Drinks containing CO2. such as beer, carbonated drinks, champagne, etc.

4. Pressure filler

Filling method: The filling machine tank pressure is higher than the container pressure. Liquid product flows into the container by pressure difference.  

Features: High filling speed.  

Suitable drinks: high viscosity and poor liquidity. Special liquid product and packaging material that cannot be filled by other filling machines. Such as jam, toothpaste, paste, art pigments, liquid containing a small amount of CO2, etc.

5. Level Sensing Filling Machine

Filling method: Detect whether the container is in place and the height of the liquid level by sensor. Open and close filling valve according to the sensor signal.

Features: Containers are not sealed during filling. Filling speed is faster than normal pressure filling and vacuum filling. The filling level is accurate.

6. Diaphragm Displacement Filling Machine

Filling method: under the function of pressure air, the diaphragm pumping the liquid product into the filling chamber and then fill it into the container.

Features: Ensure that the material is clean. High filling accuracy. There is little material loss. Fast Filling speed.

Suitable drinks: Expensive liquid product. Various intravenous fluids and injection.

7. Siphon Filling Machine

Filling method: Using the siphon principle, suck the liquid product from filling machine tank into the container through the siphon.

Features: The earliest filling method. The principle is simple and the filling speed is slow. It is no longer generally used in modern industrial production.

Suitable drinks: low viscosity, gas-free liquid.

8. Timing Filling Machine

Filling method: When the flow quantity and flow rate are maintained, the filling capacity is determined by controlling the time of liquid flow.

Features: Categorized into constant volume flow timing filling machine and controlled differential pressure timing filling machine.

Suitable drinks: Constant volume flow timing filling machine is for high viscosity liquid product. controlled differential pressure timing filling machine is for good liquidity, no gas liquid, valuable liquid product, highly toxic or highly corrosive liquid product.

9. Weighing filler

Filling method: Each station is equipped with a precision scale plate. When the container enters the station, the scale first deducts the gross weight of the container and then precisely controls the flow of liquid into the container. During filling, the computer monitors the flow rate and filling volume and continuously adjusts the flow rate to achieve the highest filling accuracy.

Features: Filling valve does not contact with the container.  Very high filling accuracy.

Suitable drinks: Low viscosity to medium viscosity liquid.

What Kind Of Alcohol Drink Filling Machine Should I Choose?

In alcoholic drink filling, normal pressure filling machine, vacuum filling machine and counter pressure filling machine are more commonly equipment.  

The structure of the normal pressure filling machine is simple and the cost is low. But there will be drips during filling. In filling liquor, whisky, brandy, wine is easy to cause liquor waste. Depending on the high cost of brewing, long production cycles and aromatic aromas, Linho machine uses vacuum filling machine to avoid drips and prevents the fragrance from escaping.

Vacuum filling machine (also known as negative pressure filling machine) uses the vacuum system to make the packaging container in a certain vacuum. So that fill the liquid product from filling machine tank into packaging container under the function of a certain pressure difference or gravity. This filling machine is divided into two types. One is a pure vacuum filling machine (also known as a differential negative pressure filling machine).  The vacuum of the packaging container is greater than that of the  filling machine tank.  The liquid is filled into the container under pressure differential action. The other is a gravity vacuum filling machine (also known as a gravity negative pressure filling machine).   The packaging container and the filling machine tank are in the same vacuum.   The liquid is filled into the container under the action of gravity. Pure vacuum filling machines are faster. Therefore, an overflow collection and product recycling device are required. Foam from rapid filling must be discharged through the overflow system.

Linho machine uses a gravity vacuum filler with low vacuum to fill alcoholic drinks. Because it does not have pure vacuum filling overflow, recycling phenomenon. And a smaller vacuum helps maintain the flavor of the liquid product.

Filling procedure for gravity vacuum fillers:

  1. Transfer the container under the filling valve.
  2. Filling valve Press the container mouth to form a seal.
  3. Vacuum the container. When the vacuum level in the container is consistent with the vacuum level of the filling machine tank, filling begins.
  4. When the liquid in the container reaches the vent tube, the filling stops.
  5. Filling valve leaves container.  The container enters the sealer.

Beer is a carbonated drink. Therefore, a counter pressure filling machine must be used. Linho machine uses double vacuum counter pressure filler for beer filling. Compared with ordinary counter pressure filling machine, double vacuum counter pressure filling machine has an additional exhaust step. As a result, beer has less exposure to air. Maintain the flavor of the beer and extend the shelf life.

Depending on the hardness of the container material, the filling method of the beer filling machine is also different.

Beer filling procedure for hard containers such as glass bottles:

  1. Transfer the container to the filling valve
  2. Filling valve presses the container mouth to form a seal
  3. Vacuum the container. (Normal counter pressure fillers do not have this step).
  4. When vacuuming is complete, fill the container with CO2.
  5. When the pressure in the container is equal to the filling machine tank pressure, the filling valve opens. Beer flows into the container under gravity.
  6. When the liquid level reaches the vent tube, the filling stops
  7. Open the vent valve to release the pressure.
  8. The container leaves the filling valve, and the foaming device drops hot water into the container to create foam and drain the bottleneck air. Then Enter the sealer

Beer filling procedure for soft containers such as aluminum cans

  1. Transfer the container to the filling valve
  2. Filling valve presses the container mouth and fills it with CO2. Air in the container is discharged from the vent tube to the outside of the filling machine tank. (Normal counter pressure filling does not have this step).
  3. Close vent valve and continue filling the container with CO2.
  4. When the pressure in the container is equal to the filling machine tank pressure, the filling valve opens. Beer flows into the container under gravity.
  5. When the liquid level reaches the vent tube, the filling stops
  6. Open the vent valve release pressure.
  7. The container leaves the filling valve and enters the sealer

And now, do you know more about the filling machine?

If you have more questions, contact us. Linho Machine offers the best filling solution based on your products and containers.

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