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Glass Bottle Beer Filling Machine

The Glass Bottle Filling Machine Is Designed On Counter-Pressure Filling For Beer. The Pre-Evacuation System And Foaming System Are Particular In Beer Filling Machines. The Crown Cap And Pull-Ring Cap Are Popular For Beer.

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Glass Bottle Filling Machine Is Designed On Negative Pressure Filling, Counter Pressure Filling Or Gravity Filling Suitable For Still Water, Carbonated Drink, Alcohol Drink, Juice, Dairy, Beer. With Glass Bottle, The Cap Could Be Crown Cap, Screw ROPP Cap, Pull-Ring Cap, Or Twist-Off Cap. Bottle Washing At The First Step, Then Bottle Filling And Capping. After Bottle Capping, Filled Bottles Be Transferred To Labeling Machine, Packing Machine.

Details of Glass Bottle Beer Filling Machine

Beer Bottling Line Main Structure

Glass bottle beer filling machine is mainly composed of rinsing machine, filling machine, capping machine, Workbench, inlet and outlet bottle arc plate, star wheel, motor transmission, frame, and gas-electric control part. Main components of small beer bottling machine: the main machine includes floor racks, glass-enclosed box, filling machines, capping machines, motors, wheel drive, wheel-shaped plate, cover and lower cover tanks, bottle chain, and electrical control system components. Bottom welding by rectangular tubes and steel plate, on the surface and surrounded by covered stainless steel Panel, high strength, good rigidity, lightweight, is the Foundation of whole set equipment, its base fitted with anchor bolts, adjustable level and high and low; Glass sealed around the surrounding box will host, with transparent glass doors at the top monitoring equipment, elegant appearance, the use of safe and reliable.

Beer filling machine character

  • Beer packaging machine Pre-evacuation system: When filling beer, cider or some delicate wines, the oxidation(affects shelf life mostly) must be avoided maximum.  So a vacuum system is necessary to suck out the air from the bottle before filling beer. Total Oxygen Pick-up rateshould be controlled in a good range between 40-100 ppb per billion. Twice pre-Evacuation make the oxygen in bottle to be nearly zero.
  • Between filling and capping, there is a foaming system to make a little foaming full of the neck of the bottle to displace any oxygen in the bottle.

Automatic Beer Bottle Filler Parameter



6-6-1 14-12-5 18-18-6 24-24-8 32-32-10




500 1200 2000 4000 5000




Height 150-310mm


6 14 18 24 32



6 12 18 24 32



1 5 6 8 10


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