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Automatic Bulk Bottle & Case Palletizer

Automatic Deppaletizer Is To Stack Bottles or Cases In Pallets Automatically. It Helps Factories Save Cost And Labour To Pack Products In Bulk. Semiautomatic Depalletizer Is Optional.

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0-40 cases/minute

Automation Degree

Automatic, Semiautomatic

Control Type

PLC, Button

Apllicable Products

Cases, Bottles

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Automatic Machine to Palletize 5 Gallon Bottles. Very Ideal Machine For Water Factory. We Have More Affordable Options For Customers

Details of Automatic Bulk Bottle & Case Palletizer

Automatic Palletizer Description

The Palletizer is to stack the carton or bottles in multilayers on the tray, pallets (wood, plastic)automatically according to a certain arrangement, and then push pallets out for forklift transporting to the warehouse. Case palletizer uses PLC and HMI control to achieve intelligent operation Management. It can greatly reduce the labor force and reduce labor intensity.

Automatic Palletizer Character

High-speed, Stability, space-saving concept design.
Separate stripping makes production faster and more space-saving.
One machine multi-use, quick adjustment, do not have to be bothered to replace stacked products.
The scope of application: corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, bottles



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