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Tin Can/Aluminum Can Unloading Machine

Depalletizer Is To Depalletize Empty Cans. Depalletizer Lifts Empty Cans Pallets One Layer By One Layer From Downside To Upside And Pushes Cans To The Conveyor Chains. It Works With The Empty Can Spray Rinsing Machine, Can Save A Lot Of Labor, And Improve Production Capacity.

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Electric, Pneumatic

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Can Depalletizer Is To Remove Cans from Pallets One by One So That Cans Can be Transported on Conveyor to Filling Packing Line. It Is Suitable for Small Filling Line or Big Filling Line.

Details of Tin Can/Aluminum Can Unloading Machine

Tin Can/Aluminum Can Deppaletizer Machine Performances

It is to replace the manual type cans discharging and traditional empty cans unloading machine, thus saving a lot of manpower and enhancing the production capacity.

It is to apply the programmable computer control system, thus improving the accuracy of the mechanical operation and the easy operation.

Self-lock lifting and falling of the pallet lift table and the pallet palletizing machine apply the lifting and falling cylinder, thus reaching the steady movement.

Cans pushing methods may select the continuous movement or single circulating movement, being with the high adaptability of operation.

It is applicable to the empty cans unloading operation with different sizes.

Tin Can/Aluminum Can Deppaletizer Machine Structure:

1. Pallet Conveyor

The Pallet being filled with empty cans is put on the pallet conveyor by the forklift and then is conveyed to the pallet lift table of the host machine by the conveyor. The drive motor of the pallet conveyor is controlled by the frequency converters and it is available to speed up the startup slowly from the stop situation as conveying, thus, being able to avoid the danger of the falling of the empty glass bottle due to the sudden startup.

2.Positioning Device of Pallet

The positioning device, using the lever principle and being composed by the micro-switch, is applied to sense the right position in which the empty glass bottle enters into the Lift Table of the host machine pallet and the location at the time of descending the pallet after unloading the empty glass bottle.

3.Pallet Lift Table

A pallet lift table is used to elevate the positioned empty glass bottle pallet to the height on unloading glass bottle. As finishing the unloading for the empty glass bottle, it is to descend the empty pallet onto the conveyor. The self-lock lifting and falling system device is to control all lifting and descending movements and is able to reach the single adjustment on lifting or descending speed for the purpose of matching with the demands in operation.

4.Empty Cans Unloading Device

It is to use the pneumatic cylinder or hydraulic motor to boost the glass bottle-pushing device which pushes the empty cans on the whole layer to the mesh conveyor and then returns to the preparation position, keeping pushing the empty cans on the next layer. The photoelectric switch controls all movement locations and may select the glass bottle unloading method with continuous movement or single circulation.

5.Planking Mechanism of Accumulation Table of Empty Pallet

The empty pallet being unloaded the cans is conveyed to the accumulation table of the empty pallet by the empty pallet conveyor and then stacked at a certain height in sequence, at this time, the pallet is pulled out with the forklift.

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