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The Guide Of A Bottled Water Production Line Inspection

The most vital link in all commodity transactions is goods acceptance, and the packaging machinery field is no exception. To ensure the purchased machine meets the requirements specified in the contract, we need to conduct detailed on-site acceptance. Here we take a 5000 bottle 500ml per hour bottled water production line inspection as an example to detail the inspection process.

Inspection object: 5000BPH 500ML PET BOTTLE DRINK WATER PRODUCTION LINE This production line includes a water treatment system, a water filling and packaging system, and a PET bottle bottle-blowing system.

bottled water production line inspection

Before inspection:

Prepare required materials for bottled water production line inspection

  • PET bottle preform: 5000pieces
  • PET bottle caps: 5000 pieces
  • Labels: 5-10 rolls 
  • Films: 5-10 rolls

PS: Confirm with the manufacturer about the inspection site and power supply, whether it is the whole line acceptance or the acceptance in different periods and places.

During inspection


Whether the machine layout on the site matches the signed contract drawings exactly, including the following:

bottled water production line inspection
bottled water production line inspection, factory layout
  1. The size of each machine.
  2. The direction of the bottle’s inlet and outlet.
  3. The overall length of the air conveyors.
  4. The overall length of the conveyors.
  5. The conveying distance between each machine.
  6. The diameter, height, and stainless steel thickness of tanks in the water treatment system.
  7. The consumables quantity and model of the water treatment system(filter membrane and filter material).
  8. The machine base’s square tube size.

The LINHO filling machine base is welded by a carbon steel square tube 60*120*4mm and 30mm thick board, which is heavy enough to ensure the machine runs stable and fast.

bottled water production line inspection, machine base

If the manufacturer adjusts, do you accept the adjustment? Especially when your factory workshop is not spacious enough, we need to consider the convenience of actual production and the production efficiency of the whole line.


Bottled water production line inspection electrical configuration.

  1. Inspect the following electrical appliances for brand: PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, sensor, contactor, circuit breaker, relay, switch, reducer, photoelectric, cylinder, bearing, water pump, motor, and so on.
  2. Examine the filter membrane brand in the water treatment system.
  3. Examine the air compressor’s brand.

View the overall running smoothness of the entire line from various angles.

Examine the production line speed.

  1. Filling machine, whether there is a bottle jam, inconsistent filling level, filling valve dripping, etc.
  2. Capping machine, whether there is a cap jam, cap reverse, cap damage, uncapped, or leaking due to poor sealing, etc.
  3. Labeling machine, whether the phenomenon of incorrect labeling position, unlabeled bottle, labels with bubbles, wrinkles, etc.
  4. The date printer, whether there is the phenomenon of no ink-jet bottle, ink blocking, inconsistent ink-jet positions, unclear characters, etc.
  5. Packing machine, whether there is a bottle jam or loose packages.
  6. Conveyors, whether there is the phenomenon of inverted bottles or low-speed running due to too short buffer conveyors. 


  1. Listen to the sound of the entire line and a single machine running.
  2. If there is a sharp noise after increasing the speed?


Bottle-quality blowout from a bottle-blowing machine

  1. Bottle is too soft and not strong enough.
  2. The bottle has water marks and white spots.
  3. The bottle is blurry, opaque, and unbeautiful.

The precision of machining

The machining accuracy of the LINHO machine is as follows:

  1. The water tank and pipe welding are smooth and tidy.
  2. Twice antirust painting and twice surface painting, protect the machine base from being rusted.
  3. The milling process to make the running parts are at the same horizontal level.
  4. The support pillar of the filling machine is stainless steel and is solid rather than hollow. Some suppliers may use iron material pillars and cover them with stainless steel outside.
bottled water production line inspection, water treatment system welding
  1. Double water-proof system in the filling machine 
  • The collar design acts as a gasket, ensuring that water never leaks down to the machine’s base.
  • The water drain design on the surface.

The quality of LINHO key components.

Bottle washing clip 

  1. The bottle washing clip is a one-time processing part (by molds), not a combination of separate parts, which means greater precision and strength.
  2. The moving and friction parts have an IGUS lubrication cover, are wear-resisting, and have a long service life.

Filling part

  1. The lubrication cover is IGUS, not copper, is wear-resisting, and has a long life. 
  2. Out-cam technology:
  • Easy to disassemble, easy to maintain,
  • Easy to switch between different size bottles
  • The filling route is long and filling fast. 

Capping part

  1. Magnetic capping system gives the convenience of high-speed capping.
  2. The new star wheel design keeps the bottles going out of the machine properly without any stuck.
  3. The nylon bottle changing parts ensure the bottle remains vertical even when the machine is running at high speed.

After inspection

Confirm the easy damage parts with the supplier

LINHO will provide some free easy-damaged parts to customers. If customers require more, we will sell at factory prices.


To ensure safety, LINHO uses exported wooden cases or wooden pallets for the main machine, and thick cartons and wrapping film for the auxiliary machine.

After finishing the inspection, LINHO needs 3-5days to pack the machine.


After packing, LINHO will draw the container layout to show you the number and specification of containers needed. 

bottled water production line inspection, container layout

Installation and commissioning

 LINHO will send the engineer to the customer factory to do the installation and commissioning. The buyer should be responsible for the VISA fee, the round air tickets, accommodation, and salary for the engineer. 

This production line requires two commissioning engineers. The commissioning time will be approximately 20-30 days if the customer’s preparation is thorough.

The above are some basic processes of inspection. To ensure a smooth inspection, we would better confirm the inspection details with the manufacturer ahead of time and collaborate with professional technicians to inspect the machine on-site. If you do not have time for an on-site inspection, you can hire a third-party inspection company you trust to do it for you.

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