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Introduction of Filling Machine Components

What are filling machine components?

What the filling machine components look like?

If you want to buy a liquid filling machine, whether it is a beverage filling machine or a water filling machine, you must want to know about these 2 questions.

In today’s article, I will take the cleaning, filling, capping 3 in 1 filling machine as an example, and introduce in detail the filling machine components of a liquid filling machine.

In general, a liquid filling machine is composed of a machine frame, a rinsing mechanism, a filling mechanism, a capping mechanism, a filling machine controller, a bottle conveyor system, and a piping system. Next, we will introduce these major institutions in turn.

1. Filling machine components — machine frame: base, motor, gear, trunking, centralized lubrication system, water pump, pneumatic system, window and doors, pillars.

  • The base is made of high-strength carbon steel. Linho uses a square tube with a size of 60*120mm, a thickness of 4mm and a panel of 30mm thickness to make the base. Only a sturdy base guarantees a long high-speed rotation of the filling machine.
  • The base will also go through the process of painting, boring, punching, and stainless-steel covering. For specific processing operations, please refer to How We Make Filling Machine?
  • The motor powers the entire machine. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, Linho uses German ABB motors.
  • The water pump is used to supply water to the cleaning and filling mechanisms.
  • The centralized lubrication system allows you to lubricate gears, chains, bearings and other filling machine components more quickly and conveniently. You only need to add lubricating oil to the oil cups of the centralized lubrication system, and the tubing will send the lubricating oil to the various lubrication points.
  • Pneumatic systems mainly include pressure regulating filters and cylinders. The regulator filter filters the compressed air and adjusts the pressure of the compressed air according to the cylinder. Compressed air is used in the filling machine to transfer the bottles, and the cylinder is used for the capping mechanism.
  • The trunking allows all the cable to be neatly arranged. Avoid messy wires that make it difficult to operate and maintain the machine.
  • The pillar fixes all the large filling machine components on the base such as cleaning devices, filling devices, capping devices. All Linho’s pillars are made of solid stainless-steel pillars. This ensures the long-term smooth operation of the machine.
  • The combination of stainless steel and tempered glass can keep the filling machine at a safe distance from the operator during operation, and it is convenient for the operator to observe the operation of the filling machine at any time.

2. Filling machine components — Rinsing group: rinsing clips, turntables, water separators, water distribution tube, bearings, guide rails, forks.

Filling Machine Components
  • The cleaning clips are made by pouring a mold. All rotating parts are made of Iguis wear parts. This makes the entire cleaning clip more wear-resistant, finer, longer-lasting, but more costly.
  • All clips are mounted on a turntable. Linho uses an all-stainless steel turntable to ensure that the cleaning process is carried out efficiently and stably.
  • The cleaning water enters the water separator through the pipeline and is then distributed to each rinsing station through the water separator.  The interior of the stainless steel water sperators should be smooth and without dead ends, avoiding rust and impurity residues, affecting the washing effect. The water distribution tube can be made of stainless steel or food grade plastic pipe.
  • Under the action of the fork and guide rails, the cleaning clip flips the bottle to achieve rinse and drip dry. The machining accuracy and material selection of the guide rails and forks determine the smoothness of the flip.
  • Linho’s bearings are selected from well-known brands such as HRB, NSK, SKF and so on.

3. Filling machine components — Filling groups: tanks, filling valves, bottle neck holders/bottom holders, bottle fixings, rollers, cams, lifting devices, bearings.

  • According to different filling principles, the type of filling machine tank is also different. The tank of the gravity filling machine is not sealed. The liquid tank of the soda filling machine has a gas distribution circuit and a liquid circuit. The over-flow filler will install the over-flow pipeline.
  • Different filling principles, filling valves are also different. In the field of beverage filling machines, common filling valves are atmospheric pressure filling valves, isobaric filling valves and over-flow filling valves.
  • The bottle neck holder and bottle body fixing are used to hold the bottle in place to align the filling valve. If it is a glass bottle, the bottle neck holder will be replaced by a bottle bottom holder.
  • The roller moves on the cam, driving the lifting device up and down to achieve contact, filling and disengagement of the bottle and the filling valve.

4. Capping group: screw cap bearing, capping head, cap tunnel, proximity switch.

  • As the entire cap group rotates, each individual capping head also rotates at high speed. The selection of screw cap bearings is very important. Linho uses a larger capping head, which is 1.5 times the size of a regular capping head. At the same time, copper is used as the support component of the capping head.
  • The proximity switch achieves the effect of no cap and no screw cap. Linho uses brands such as Autonics, SICK, Turck and more.

5. Filling machine components — Filling Machine Controllers: control cabinet, touch screen, buttons, plugs, PLC, inverters, contactors, air switches.

  • All stainless steel independent control cabinet. Integrate all electrical controllers in one control cabinet. It is convenient for you to control the machine from a safe distance.
  • Touch screen, PLC, inverter and other electrical components adopt international well-known brands such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Proface, Delta. Easy for you to maintain and replace later.

6. Conveying system: air conveyor, filled bottle conveyor, star wheel, bottle fixing parts

  • The air conveyor is composed of a fan, an air filter, a bottle neck strip, an optoelectronic and a air conveyor frame. The bottles are blown by the air to transport empty bottles into the filling machine. Linho equips each fan with a high-precision air filter that prevents impurities from blowing into the bottle and contaminating the bottle. The special material of the bottle neck strip is imported from Germany. Make the whole bottle transport process smoother and avoid the wear of bottlenecks.
  • Filled bottle conveyor consists of chain, motor, bottle guard board, trunking and water collector. The chain can be made of stainless steel or polymer engineering plastic according to your requirements. Polymer engineering plastic chain plate is more wear-resistant and smoother to transport.
  • Star wheel is to transport bottles between three mechanisms: cleaning, filling and capping by holding bottle neck or a bottle bottom. The bottle fixing part plays a role in fixing the bottle during this transport process. When changing the bottle type, the bottle fixing part needs to be replaced.

7. Water pipeline system: rinsing water pipe, filling water pipe, water lubrication pipe, drainage pipe.

  • In addition to the common rinsing water pipes, filling water pipes, and drainage pipes, Linho has also installed additional water lubrication pipes to spray water on the cam rollers to achieve the role of water lubrication. Helps reduce roller wear and extend roller life.

These are all the filling machine components for one filling machine. You can bookmark this article so that you can later see the name and function of each filling machine component. If you have more questions, please contact us.

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