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What Is The Necessary Auxiliary Machine For A Beverage Factory?

What is the necessary auxiliary machine for a beverage factory? For a person who is going to open a beverage factory, looking for a reliable machine manufacturer is undoubtedly the most important thing. When we compare all aspects and determine a manufacturer for cooperation, we need to communicate many details with the supplier.

  • The production capacity and efficiency of the production line
  • The specific requirements for each machine.
  • The factory voltage
  • The payment method
  • The acceptance method
  • The mode of transportation
  • The machine packaging method
  • The delivery date 
  • The warranty period
  • The machine installation and after-sales service

Before signing the contract, the buyer and the seller would better clarify their rights and obligations. In addition to the main machine identified, the buyer and the seller also need to be specific on the auxiliaries and raw materials required. In the following article, we will discuss the auxiliaries for a beverage factory.

What is the necessary auxiliary machine for a beverage factory?


Water well, water pool, water pump, and water pipe


Electric generator, voltage stabilizer, general electrical control cabinet, cable and bridge piping


Air source (low-pressure air compressor), air pipe




Welding machine






Water well

No matter what kind of drink we make, we need water. Water sources include groundwater, tap water, mountain spring water, etc. Usually, we need to dig wells to bring water to the beverage factory.

Water pool

We need the raw water tanks to store water from the water source to the beverage factory. You can determine the size and materials of the water pool/tank based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and local conditions.

Usually, customers can build their raw water pool or buy a simple water tank. The volume of source water tanks is generally large, so we would better buy from local because it takes up container space.

auxiliary machine for a beverage factory,source water tank

Water pump

The necessary water pumps. At present, the famous pump in the world is the Grundfos pump. China’s Nanfang pump is also popular.

Water pipe

Water pipes are essential. When we buy the machine, we need to communicate with the manufacturer about the water pipes, such as the water pipe from the raw water tank to the source water pump and the cooling water pipe of the chiller.

We need to communicate and confirm the length and material of the water pipe with the machine manufacturer. At present, the materials of water pipes mainly include UPVC and stainless steel water pipes.


Electric generator

If the power of your factory is unstable, you’d better prepare the electric generator to ensure smooth production.

We can choose the electric generator according to the total power consumption of the production line. It have open type electric generator and silent type electric generator.

Voltage stabilizer

Similarly, if your factory voltage is unstable, you’d better prepare a voltage stabilizer. We can choose the voltage stabilizer according to the voltage and power.

auxiliary machine for a beverage factory,voltage stabilizer

General electric control cabinet

When we build a beverage factory, we need to install a general electric control cabinet in a suitable place. Beverage machine manufacturers are usually only responsible for the electric control cabinet of a single machine.

auxiliary machine for a beverage factory,general electric control cabinet

Cable and bridge piping

Considering the general electric control cabinet, we also need to consider the cable, bridge, and channel from the general electric control cabinet to the electrical cabinet of a single machine.


Air source(low-pressure air compressor)

Some machine in the production line needs an air source, so we need to consider a low-pressure air compressor to provide an air source.

We can choose the low-pressure air compressor according to the air consumption of the production line. Usually, compressor room is a separately room, as it is little noisy.

There are piston-type compressors and screw-type compressors. For the food industry, the oil-free screw type is better(the cleanliness of the air source is higher, and no need for lubricating oil, oil filter, and filter element).

The famous air compressor brands are Atlas of Sweden and Ingersoll Rand of the United States.

auxiliary machine for a beverage factory,air compressor room.

Air pipe

After considering the air compressor, there is no doubt that we need to consider the air pipe.

The air pipe includes the high-pressure air pipe (high-pressure steel pipe), the low-pressure air pipe, the required joints, valve parts, etc.

High-pressure air pipe (high-pressure steel pipe) 

It is for plastic bottle blowing machine. If your line do not have bottle blowing machine, you do not need consider it. 

Low-pressure air pipe



When we produce the beverage, we need to mix the component, needs steam. Considering steam, we have to consider boilers.

According to the different fuels, boilers have coal-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers, etc. We can choose according to the actual situation.


Argon arc welding machine 

There are many stainless steel pipes in the beverage production line, we need to weld the pipes when they arrive at the buyer’s factory. Welding the pipe we need the argon arc welding machine and required tools (welding wire, mask, tungsten steel), electric welding machine.

The argon arc welding machine has many advantages, smooth welding, low material loss, good heat dissipation, convenient use, etc.



Beverage production line factories need to consider raw materials and finished products workshops. The forklift is inevitable in storage.

According to the different fuel, forklift have electric forklifts and internal combustion forklift etc. We can choose according to the actual situation.The main parameter of forklift is load capacity and load size.

If you buy the electric forklifts,please check the battery life, and if it is easy to buy battery from local.If your city the cost of labor is cheaper, you also can consider manual hydraulic truck

auxiliary machine for a beverage factory, forklift battery



If your workshop is hot, you also need to consider refrigeration.

The chiller has two forms: air cooling chiller and water cooling chiller. You can choose according to the actual situation.

You can also install an air conditioner on the electric control cabinet.

These are all about the necessary auxiliary machine for a beverage factory. Opening a beverage factory still needs to do a lot of things. Welcome to contact Linho, we will provide professional guidance for you.

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