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The Producing Steps Of Barreled Water Equipment

What you see in the video is a whole production line of barreled water, with a production capacity of 900 barrels per hour. This production line includes the de-capper and film cutting machine, high-pressure internal washing and external brushing machine, integrated washing, filling, and sealing machine, barrel cap labeling machine, and barrel bag packing machine. If you want to save labor, add the palletizer at the end. For more information about the 20-liter barreled water equipment, please click here.

Anne will explain the production process of this production line to you today.

Before producing the equipment, we must confirm two additional items in addition to the equipment itself.

Confirm the power supply 

You must provide us with the industrial electrical voltage, frequency, and the number of phases of your factory. Industrial electricity in China is 380V, 50Hz, in three phases. The voltage frequency of industrial electricity varies between countries and areas. We must customize the machine to fit your industrial voltage. The graph below shows the industrial electricity standards of various countries and regions. 

Confirm the bottle design

There are 3, 4, 5, and 6-gallon barrels on the market, as well as 17L, 19L, and 20L barrels. The diameter and height of barrels of the same capacity differ slightly. We need to confirm the bottle drawing and at least know the diameter and height of the barrel in order to make your barreled water production line run more smoothly.

Barreled Water Euipment Bottle Caps Draw
Barreled Water Euipment Bottle Caps Design

The process of producing barreled water equipment

1.Order the machine material – 2.Order the electric components, water pump – 3.Parts processing – 4.Assembling and Connecting – 5.Commissioning and acceptance

1. Order the machine material 

The machine material is also a vital consideration for barreled water equipment. Only strong materials can ensure the machine’s long-term stability; even with a high-speed long time operation, the production line will not shake or make a strange sound.

Square tube, side plate, water tray, running chains

The square tube size requirements of LINHO barreled water equipment is ≤ 600BPH use 60*60mm, ≥ 900bph use 80*80mm, and the thickness of the square tube, side plate, water tray, and other parts of the machine are all stainless steel 304, 3mm thickness.

Some manufacturers use square tubes with dimensions of 40*40mm and a thickness of 1.5mm; short-term operation is not a problem, but long-term operation develops various issues over time, including output is not up to and machine instability.

The material of the LINHO running chain is stainless steel, not plastic, which is more durable and lasts longer.

Water tank

The LINHO water tank measures 700*800mm and is 3mm thick, built-in filter device, floating ball, and water shortage protection. The water tank has no dead corner and can be equipped with a water tank door for easy cleaning.

2. Order the electric components, water pump

PLC, HMI, frequency converter, cylinder, and other electrical components, we cooperate with renowned brands to guarantee the equipment’s high effective operation. Mitsubishi PLC, SIEMENS HMI, Danfos frequency converter, Schneider electric appliance, Grundfos water pump, and FESTO cylinder are a few examples.

These well-known electrical components improve the machine’s performance and make it easier to obtain spare parts locally. If you require other brands, please let us know; we can also customize them to your specifications.

3. Parts processing

The precision processing parts are closely related to the operation efficiency of the whole production line of gallon water. If each part of the machine is processed more finely,  the individual components will be better suited to each other, and the entire production line will run more smoothly, quickly, and for longer. LINHO conveyor system adopts precision processing, making the conveyor run smoothly at high speed without strange noise. Similarly, the TXG-900 model’s 20liter water filling machine can only reach a speed of 700-800bottles per hour for ordinary processing, whereas the LINHO machine can reach a speed of 1000-11000bottles per hour.

Barreled Water Euipment Filling
Barreled Water Euipment 900BPH

We have a laser cutting machine, CNC, and other processing equipment. The experienced machining personnel will work out all the required spare parts in accordance with the drawings. Compared with outsourcing processing, our processing can control product quality better and save processing time.

4. Assembling and Connecting

After we complete the processing of all the parts, the LINHO assembly team will check the qualified processing parts once more to ensure there are no issues with the quality or accuracy of the processing parts before beginning the assembly work. They will then assemble the machine strictly following the assembly drawings and work instructions.

The LINHO assembly considers both the machine’s accuracy and the humanized design used by customers. The barrel loading device, for example, and the arrangement of water pipes improve the customer’s experience with the machine.

When finishing all of the machines, LINHO will connect them one by one according to the customer’s factory layout.

Barreled Water Euipment Customer Factory Layout

5. Commissioning and acceptance

Before commissioning, wiring, such as internal wiring and wiring for electric control cabinets, is necessary. Different lines are arranged humanely on the LINHO air pipeline and wires to make customer use and maintenance easier. There is two-stage of commissioning:  no-barrel running and real barrel running.

The no-barrel running is mainly to test the machine’s assembly, whether the various parts are running smoothly, and if there is no noise. After finishing the no-barrel testing, we begin the real barrel testing. The chief purpose of this test is to see if the barrel washing is thorough, the filling level is accurate, and if there is the phenomenon of stuck lids. LINHO usually idles the machine for three days, and the real barrel runs for at least two days to ensure that all aspects of the production line function perfectly and without fault.

After commissioning, we will do some clean work and stick the information plate. Then we will pack the machine according to the user and shipping requirements, waiting for shipment.

This is the production process of the entire 20liter water machine. LINHO pays close attention to every detail in the machine manufacturing process to ensure that every machine leaves the factory without problems. Please get in touch with us if you have any recommendations or ideas.

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