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How To Maintain Filling Machine Parts?

In order to ensure the quality of the filling machine, Linho invests a lot of effort and cost in the design of the filling machine (the introduction of advanced technology in the industry), the assembly of the filling machine (assembly technicians with rich experience), the processing of parts (advanced processing technology and strict quality inspection), the configuration of electrical appliances (using electrical control components of the world-famous brand), and the commissioning of the filling machine (continuous operation for at least 3 days before leaving the factory). As a filling machine manufacturer, Linho not only needs to do a good job in the manufacture of filling machines but also has the responsibility to remind the filling machine users to pay attention to the filling machine’s performance during the operation in the user’s factory. In previous articles, we have detailed cleaning and lubrication in filling machine maintenance work. This article will specifically introduce the maintenance and replacement of various parts of the filling machine.

As we all know, filling machines are assembled by many different parts. Therefore, the maintenance and care of parts is particularly important. Users need to pay attention to the status of the filling machine when the filling machine is running and check the status of each part after each shift.

From the functional point of view, the parts of the filling machine consist of seals, moving parts and electrical components

1. Sealing parts

filling machine sealing parts

The sealing parts in the filling machine are usually made of rubber or silicone, which can avoid liquid leakage and maintain the pressure of the filling machine. Wear or aging of the seals may cause leaks or deteriorated performance of the filling machine. Users need to replace them regularly.

The frequency of replacement of the sealing parts depends on the material and use of the sealing parts. Linho recommend to replace sealing parts every six months to one year, or replace them in time according to the actual situation. If there is poor sealing, leakage, etc., it is also necessary to replace the sealing parts in time. At the same time, user must pay attention to the care and maintenance of the sealing ring during use to avoid damage by physical and chemical factors.

2. Moving parts

The moving parts in the filling machine are usually made of metal or plastic, which wear or corrode during operation. To ensure the proper operation of the filling machine, users need to check and replace them regularly.

3. Electrical components

The electrical components in the filling machine include sensors, controllers, motors, cables, etc., and their normal operation is crucial for the safety and efficiency of the filling machine. Users need to check the connection and function of the electric parts, and replace them if necessary.

Users must replace the problem parts to ensure filling machine performance. To avoid unnecessary downtime due to replacement parts, Linho recommends that users always buy some filling machine parts in stock.

  1. Seals: users need to replace the filling machine seals frequently to ensure sealing results. Enough spare seals in stock is necessary.
  2. Solenoid valve: Solenoid valve is an important part to control the operation of the filling machine. If the solenoid valve fails, it may cause the filling machine to not operate normally. So the spare solenoid valve should also be available in sufficient quantities.
  3. Sensors: Sensors are a key component to detect the operating status of the filling machine. If the sensor fails or malfunctions, it may cause the filling machine to stop working or have operational problems. So spare sensors should also have a sufficient number.
  4. In addition, frequency converters, PLC and touch screens are among the more critical electrical components. Although the chance of damage is not large, Linho recommends users prepare a small amount for smooth and sustainable production. PLC and touch screens need to be filled with matching procedures in advance. If there is no extra parts in stock, the purchasing period will affect production efficiency. During the maintenance and upkeep of filling machines, please pay more attention to their condition.

When the filling machine needs to be shut down for a long time, the user should keep the filling machine properly to prevent the equipment from being damaged or malfunctioning. When the next production season comes, there will be no impact on the production of the product.

Here are some common ways to keep it:

  1. Cleaning equipment: Before long-term storage, users need to clean the equipment thoroughly, including individual components and pipes. This avoids the accumulation of dirt on the device and causes damage to the device.
  2. Apply rust inhibitor: For metal surfaces, apply rust inhibitors to protect the equipment from corrosion.
  3. Remove wearing parts: For wearing parts, such as sealing rings, O-rings, etc., Linho recommends to remove them before long-term storage. This prevents these parts from deforming or aging, thereby extending their lifespan.
  4. Store in a dry and ventilated place: Place the long-term storage equipment in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture or excessive exposure.
  5. Check the equipment regularly: Even if users don’t use the equipment for a long time, you should check it regularly to ensure that the equipment is in good condition. For example, you can check your device every few months, remove dust and check your device for problems.

The user maintains the filling machine in accordance with the above methods and suggestions, which will greatly extend the service life of the filling machine and maximize the efficiency of the filling machine. Linho hopes to work with you to maximize both our value.

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