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5 Gallon Filling Machine Components

In the previous article, we introduced the components of a small bottle filling machine. I will introduce the 5 gallon barrel filling machine components in this article.

The 5-gallon filling machine is mainly used to fill containers with a capacity of 5 gallons. LINHO’s 5-gallon filling machine is compatible with a wide range of bottle types. In addition to 5-gallon bottle, it can also be used for filling large-capacity containers such as 3 gallons, 20L, 13L, etc.

The 5-gallon bottle filling machine mainly contains 6 parts: machine frame, barrel washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, conveyor, and electronic control system. The internal washing machine can be an independent machine, or it can combine with a filling machine and a capping unit. LINHO can design different machines according to the customer’s plant and requirements.

filling machine components

1. Filling machine components–frame.

  • Unlike the small bottle filling machine that uses carbon steel as the base, the base and frame of the 5 gallon bottle filling machine are all stainless steel. This is mainly because the 5 gallon bottle filler does not need to rotate at high speed, and stainless steel can already meet its production requirements. The whole machine frame mainly consists of stainless steel square tubes, stainless steel plate, glass doors and windows, and climbing ladders.
  • Linho uses 80*80mm stainless steel square tube as the frame. Square tube thickness is 2mm. In this way, the whole machine is more stable and ensures the long-term stable operation of the machine.
  • Doors and windows are designed with a combination of stainless steel and glass. It is convenient for users to observe the internal situation of the machine from a safe distance, and at the same time, users can open the doors and windows to maintain and repair the inside of the machine if necessary.
  • LINHO can configure the ladder according to the user’s needs. Users can go up and down the top of the machine at any time to check machine, without moving the mobile ladder.

2. Barrel Washing Machine

The internal washing machine consists of a motor, bottle holder, chain, sprocket, shaft, washing nozzle, water pump, water pipe and water tank.

  • The interaction between the motor, the bottle holder, the chain, the sprocket, and the shafts drives the barrel forward in the internal washing machine. Linho can use single or dual shafts according to customers’ requirements. The sprocket is larger in the single shaft, and smaller in the double shafts. The barrel is more stable when moving forward using double shafts.
  • The nozzle adopts 12°, 30°, 45°, 60° umbrella type. Washing pressure 4 Bar. LINHO can configure the barrel mouth soaking station according to customer requirements.
  • All water pumps are from CNP. We can also select international brands such as Grundfos according to user requirements. Water pipes connect the pump to different water tanks. Round stainless steel water tank has no hygienic dead ends. There are manholes on the side of water tanks, which is easy for user to clean the inside of the tank. Linho equips sampling valve, liquid level tube, dosing port, etc. with water tanks, which is convenient for customers to manage the washing liquid.

3. Filling machine

The filling machine mainly consists of bottleneck fixings, filling valves, water distributors, sensors, cylinders, and clean room air filter.

  • When the barrel arrives at the filling station, the bottleneck fixing will correct the bottle mouth to the right filling position.
  • The pure water tank flows into the filler, then the water distributor distributes water to the individual filling valves. Each outlet of the water distributor uses a diaphragm valve. Diaphragm valves effectively cut off fluids and prevent dripping.
  • After the counting sensor detects the exact number of barrels, it signals the cylinder to push the barrels to the filling station, which is then filled by the filling valve. This makes it possible to do no barrels and no filling.
  • In the independent filler, LINHO configures the clean room air filter as required. The entire filling space can reach FFU 100-level filtration.

The filling valve is the core part of the whole filling machine. Common filling methods are full type, quantitative type, fixed time type, and fixed level type.

  • Full type uses over-flow filling valve. The filling valve is sealed with the bottle mouth and the water flows all the way into the barrel. Excess water flows back to the tank through the vent. This is also the earliest filling method of barrel filling machines.
  • The fixed level type adopts gravity filling. The filling valve is sealed with the bottle mouth, and the filling stops when the liquid level reaches the filling valve vent position. User can adjust the liquid level by adjusting the length of the vent.
  • The quantitative filling adopts angle seat valve + flow meter + electric actuator. The electric actuator slowly switches the angle seat valve according to the data of the flow meter. In this way electric actuator can control the flow of water to achieve the required filling volume.
  • Time filling adopts pneumatic valve + diaphragm valve. The filling valve switches on and off according to the set filling duration.

Both quantitative and time filling are filling methods that have no contact with the bottle mouth. LINHO mainly uses these two filling methods. Among them, the quantitative filling accuracy is higher, and the cost is also higher.

4. Capping machine

The capping machine consists of a cap elevator, a cap manager, a cap washing tunnel, a cap tunnel, and a pressing chain.

The cap elevator is belt lifting type. Both the cap elevator and the cap manager will alarm and then shutdown when there is a lack of caps.

5. Filling machine components–Conveyor

The conveyor of barrels includes ball conveyor, upper and lower barrel device, cylinder, stainless steel chain conveyor, and motor.

  • In the internal washing filling capping combine machine, the lower barrel device flips the rinsed barrel, and then the cylinder pushes the empty barrel into the filling station, the same time empty barrel pushes the filled barrel out of Filling station, into the conveyor. Ball conveyor makes the entire barrel pushing process smoother and reduces the wear of the barrel.

6. Electronic control system

  • The electronic control system mainly contains control cabinet, touch screen, button, plug, PLC frequency converter, contactor, air switch.
  • LINHO uses an independent control cabinet. Integrate all electrical controllers in one control cabinet. So that the user can control the machine from a safe distance.
  • Touch screen, PLC, inverter, and other electrical appliances adopt international well-known brands such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Proface, Delta. Convenient for user post-maintenance and replacement
  • All wires are neatly arranged in the line slot to avoid messy wires that can cause difficulties in the operation and later maintenance of the machine.

The above is an introduction to the components of the 5 gallon barrel filling machine. If you still want to know more, please contact us.

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