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3-10L Bottled Water Automatic Bottle Filling System Linear Type

Linear Type Filling Machine Is Usually For Small Capacity Production Line. The Speed Is Up To 1000Bph. Bottles From 3L to 10L Are Optional. It Has a Compact Structure And Is Easy To Operate And Maintain. The Price Is Lower Than Rotary 3 in 1 FIlling Machine.

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Washing, Filling, Capping

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Compared With Rotary Type 3 in 1 Filling Machine, The Linear Type 3 in 1 Filling Machine Is Smaller And Has Lower Speed. But It Has All The Function That Rotary Filling Machine Has. Such As Rinsing, Filling, Capping. Affordable Price And Smaller Required Space Make Linear Type Filling Machine To Be One Of The Best Choice For A Water Business Beginner.

Details of 3-10L Bottled Water Automatic Bottle Filling System Linear Type

Linear Type Bottle Filling System Working Process

Empty bottles are staged on the main drive conveyor prior to entering the automatic bottling machine. when bottles come to the washing heads, the cylinder will push bottles into the washing heads, and washing heads will reverse the bottles. Then the pump will give pressure and washing heads spurting water to wash the bottles. After washing, the bottles will come to the filler. The cylinder will push bottles into the filler, then filling will come down to fill the bottles. After filling the bottles will go to the capping. One bottle will take one lid, then the capping machine will screw the lids on the bottle.

Automatic Bottle Filling Machine Features
Filling Size: 3-10L
Production rate 300-1000bph depends on liquid and bottles
Heavy-duty stainless steel constructed
a Stainless steel Reservoir
Automatic Bottling Index kit with bottle counter
No need extra change parts when fill different size bottles
Famous brand PLC and HMI
No bottle no filling

Need smaller space and easy to operate.

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