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High Viscosity Liquid

Compare with water, juice or other kinds of drink, High viscosity liquid is a product with high added value and high viscosity. In this case, we have to consider to reduce product waste and use proper method to do the filling. The advanced technology weight filling and mass flow is very good way to do edible filling.
Linho provides complete production line for High viscosity liquid. Bottles from 200ml to 5L(or customized)could be handled. Speed is from 1000 bottles per hour to 20000 bottles per hour which is suitable for small and middle scale factory.
Linho provides professional advice on preform(tube: material to produce bottle)selection, bottle design, label design and production, packing method and material, and factory layout design.


5L PET bottle is the most popular container in supermarket. Glass bottle is normally for extra-virgin olive oil. Sometimes you can find some canned oil in some markets.

How to choose a good packing?

1. The proper bottle design for High viscosity liquid. With handle or grip.
2. Nice Bottle shape and label design to attract consumer.
3. Economic bottle, packing and label material to save cost.
4. A few kinds of bottle size is optional.

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