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How To Purchase Filling Machines From China?

In the process of carrying out the beverage business, filling machines purchasing should be the most important thing. However, some customers do not have experience in purchasing equipment from overseas. Maybe you have these questions too :

  • How do I choose a supplier?
  • What equipment shall I choose?
  • How to pay?
  • How to inspect the equipment?
  • How to ship my equipment to my factory?
  • Once the equipment arrives at the factory, how do I start production?

In this article, we will tell you the answer.

1. How do I choose a filling machines supplier?

In the field of filling machines, the machines in Germany and Italy are top-notch. Notable companies include KHS, Krones, Sacmi, etc. These companies developed earlier, so they have a relatively deep technical foundation. However, these companies generally produce high-volume machines, such as 500,000 bottles per hour and higher. It is also very expensive. Not the best option for the average start-up beverage factory.

China’s filling machine introduced German and Italian technology. After years of development, it has become an important player in the international filling machine market. Our machine technology is mature, the filling is stable, the precision is high, and the price is much lower than that of the German and Italian machines. For businesses, it is a very good choice.

In the process of communicating with suppliers, you need to pay attention to the supplier’s industry experience, whether the pre-sales technical support is professional, whether it can provide the information you need in a timely manner, and whether the person who communicates with you is patient. All of this can help you understand whether the supplier is professional and responsible. A responsible supplier is very important. He will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary hassles and risks. And in the future use of the machine, to provide you with services and support.

2. What filling machines shall I choose?

First, you have to be clear about what product you want to make. drinking water? fruit juice? soda pop? wine? Or something else?

Secondly, how large do you want a production line? Generally, we calculate the output of the production line according to the speed bottles per hour.

Finally, what type of container do you want to take? Glass? Plastic bottles? Cans? Or something else?

After getting this information, we will make a preliminary quotation proposal. Then communicate. In multiple rounds of communication, we will successively confirm the layout drawing, bottle drawing, label type, packaging method, and final quotation.

3. How to pay?

After the two parties have confirmed the final quotation, we provide a proforma invoice. Both parties sign and seal. This is a contract. The customer takes the proforma invoice to the bank to make a 30% deposit. Usually 2-3 days we will receive the deposit. Start of production. Now we need the following things from you:

Samples of bottles, caps, labels, packaging materials.

Or caps, samples of preforms, and signed bottle design drawings.

Depending on the size of the production line, we finish the machines in about 30-90 days. And we will test machines. Now the customer is required to provide bottles (preforms), caps and labels for testing. Linho will generally test the machine continuously for 2-3 days in the workshop to maximize troubleshooting.

4. How to inspect the filling machines?

After the machines are fully tested, we will notify the customer to inspect the machines. If it is not convenient for customers to come, we can provide a video inspection.

Inspection of the main points to pay attention to:

Count the completeness of machinery according to the contract list.

Check if the materials used in the equipment and the configuration is consistent with the contract. Especially some special requirements.

Whether the machine is running smoothly and whether the output speed is up to standard.

Whether the machine is compatible with the sample bottles.

After the inspection is passed, the customer pays the balance of 70%.

5. How to ship filling machines to my factory?

After the balance arrives, we contact the freight forwarder to arrange the shipment. Or we contact your forwarder to arrange the shipment.

At this stage, the customer needs to pay for freight, insurance. You can pay the freight directly to our freight forwarder, or pay to us.

Generally, in about 30-50 days, the filling machines can arrive at the destination port. Before this, you have enough time to find a domestic customs clearance company to clear customs on your behalf. The customs clearance company will inform you of the customs clearance information required, which we will prepare and mail to the customs clearance company.

When the goods arrive at your port, the customs clearance company is responsible for customs clearance and delivery. You arrange domestic transportation to the factory.

6. Once the filling machines arrives at the factory, how do I start production?

After the filling machines arrive at the factory, you can connect and install the filling line according to the layout drawing. After the water, electricity, air, etc. are ready, we send technicians to install according to your needs. You need assistance with visa applications, transportation costs, food, and accommodation. The salary of the technicians varies depending on the machines purchased, 100-300 US dollars per person per day. The commissioning period is generally 1 week to 2 months.

After the machine is fully installed and commissioned, the commissioning technician will continue to assist in the production for 1 week. After no problems, the commissioning technician returned to China.

At this point, you have completed the entire machine purchasing process. In the future production process, Linho will continue to provide you with technical services, spare parts supply. Our cooperation has only just begun.

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