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Two Things You Need To Know Before Produce Large-size(3-15L) Packaging Water

Small to daily drinking water, large to household water, the packaged drinking water in our life is indispensable. With the increasingly mature bottled water market, drinking water with various packaging specifications meets the corresponding scene needs, which has become the latest development trend in the industry. Due to the epidemic and the Stay at Home Economy, the household water market is expanding again, and large-size packaging water emerges as the times require. The 20-liter water is too large, and ease turns into old water, 200ML-2L water is too small, costly, and troublesome, and 4L-15L looks just right.

Large-size packaging water have a bigger market prospect

Aside from household water, the growing urban population living alone is forcing up demand for large-size packaging water. On the way home from work, young people carry a bucket of water can meet their daily needs of drinking water and cooking. Office consumption also maintains a compound growth rate of more than 10%. The multiple consumption scenarios of large-size packaging water make it a broad market prospect in the future. 

large-size packaging water

What should you know before investing in 4-15L large-size packaging water? This article will provide you with detailed answers.

Who is our target customer for large-size packaging water?

In addition to packaging specifications, large-size drinking water, like small bottled water, also need to consider the different needs of various consumers. What are the target markets and consumer groups for our large-size packaging water? Nowadays modern consumers place a growing emphasis on improving the quality of life and have high requirements for the quality of household water. Additionally daily drinking, many people buy large-size packaging water for cooking, soup making, tea making, pregnant women, babies, etc. That is to say, in addition to drinking, large-size packaging water has penetrated more links between family, catering, and business.

Infant water

It is inapposite for infants to drink pure water and filtered water from a water purifier. This type of water is clean, but it lacks trace elements that the body needs and long-term drinking will affect the growth and development of infants. Also, because of their weak digestive systems and inability to absorb many nutrients in mineral water, infants would better not drink mineral water. Therefore, infants are suitable for drinking high-quality mountain spring water with low mineralization and sodium, and high-quality tap water.

large-size packaging water, infant water

The elderly, patients water

We do not recommend for the elderly or patients to drink filtered and purified water from a water purifier. The old have a poor ability to absorb nutrients, and drinking water to supplement nutrients is one of the main ways. The elderly and patients have weak immunity and poor physical function, drinking water should be nourishing, healthy, and nutritious, suitable for drinking high-quality mineral water. High-quality mineral water can not only boost immunity and improve physical fitness, but it can also help with nutrition.

large-size packaging water, the elderly water

Tea water

In the long history of tea drinking, people summed up several criteria to judge good water: first, clear, that is, colorless and transparent, clear can see the bottom. Second, live water should flow. The third is light, which means soft water, because the magnesium and calcium ions in hard water are high, which leads to tea being dark and tasting bitter. The fourth is sweet, with sweet water quality. The fifth is cold, the ancient people advocated snow water to cook tea and believed that tea made with water that has gone through severe cold weather is more delicious.

The water for cooking tea

The essence of tea brewing is the chemical reaction between water and substances released by tea leaves, that is, the release of theanine, tea polyphenols, and other flavor substances.

When the water of small-molecular groups fuse with the tea leaves, can stimulate the sense of hierarchy of tea, making tea soup richer, tea flavor more mellow, taste more extreme, and lock fragrance sweeter, etc. Tea plants thrive in an acidic environment and are suitable for brewing with slightly acidic water. We recommend brewing tea with metasilicate natural mineral water rich in selenium, strontium, low deuterium, small molecular groups, vanadium, lithium, and low sodium.

Water quality requirement for different tea

Black tea is fermented tea. To make tea bright red, we recommend using water with a high TDS value (120-200).

Oolong belongs to semi-fermented tea, between green tea and black tea, so its mineral content can be slightly higher than green tea’s, a TDS of about 120 is better.

Green tea belongs to non-fermented tea, with high fragrance, mellow taste, beautiful shape, and brewing resistance. High mineral content will affect the color and aroma of tea soup. Water with a TDS of about 50 can better reflect the aroma and green color of the tea.

Which machines we need to produce large-size packaging water

Water treatment system

The function of a water treatment system is to improve the water’s quality through water treatment equipment and make it reach a specific water quality standard. After determining the target groups and markets, we need to find water sources, then invite professional laboratory departments to take water, test water, and issue raw water quality analysis reports. We confirm the water treatment equipment according to the water quality analysis report. LINHO company can analyze the water quality report for free and design the optimal water treatment equipment according to the report.

Bottle blowing machine

A bottle-blowing machine is a machine for making bottles, that blows the finished bottle preform into bottles by specific technological means. To buy a bottle-blowing machine, we need to know the following items.

Bottle preform

Bottle preform is formed by an injection molding machine, which fills plastic particles into the mold at a specific temperature and pressure. Instead of purchasing injection molding equipment to produce bottle preform, new investors typically buy ready-made bottle preform. The weight of the bottle preform determines its costs. For instance, the 48mm caliber 5L bottle preform typically 90-100 grams. Bottle preform is an international standard part, that can buy locally or from other countries. At present, the price of bottle preform in China is. The cap price is per

Bottle design for large-size packaging water bottle

According to the shape of the bottle, the bottles have round and square bottles. According to whether there is a handle, bottles have handled bottles and ordinary bottles. In general, the square bottle requires a heavier bottle preform. The bottle preform is the main material cost of the beverage factory. How to reduce the weight of the bottle preform without affecting tee firmness of the bottles? When we design the bottles, in addition to selecting round bottles as far as possible, we can also use a short mouth and reinforcing ribs to achieve this.

large-size packaging water, bottle design

Production speed

According to the automation degree, the bottle-blowing machine has a semi-automatic type bottle-blowing machine and the full-automatic type bottle-blowing machine.

Semi-automatic bottle-blowing machine production speed: 500-1000BPH 5L

Full-automatic bottle-blowing machine production speed: 1000-3000BPH 5L

Handle bottle

There are two kinds of bottle-blowing machines with handles: front-handle bottle-blowing machines and post-handle bottle-blowing machines. The front-handle bottle can be realized in a machine. The post-handle bottle, in addition to the bottle-blowing machine, also needs a handle press machine, which is mainly for the high-speed production line.

Filling system for large-size packaging water

The filling system consists of three parts: washing, filling and capping. According to the filling system structure, it has a linear filling machine and a rotary filling machine.

According to the contact model of the filling valve and bottle cap, it has a sealed filling machine and a non-contact filling machine.

Blow dryer for large-size packaging water

After filling and capping, we need a blow-dryer to dry the bottle body, otherwise, it will affect the following labeling and packaging. LINHO company blow-dryer adopts a spider hand nozzle, nozzles can be adjusted in direction and height at will to achieve all-around bottle drying.

Labeling machine for large-size packaging water

The labeling machine includes a bottle cap labeling part and a bottle body labeling part.

large-size packaging water, labeling machine

We choose the corresponding label machine according to the label size, label material, and speed.

Date printer for large-size packaging water

There are ink types and laser types for date printers. For the same efficiency date printer, ink is cheaper than laser. For the ink type, we usually need to clean the inkjet head to stop it from clogging, and it needs to replace consumption goods such as ink. Laser type seems to be more suitable for areas where purchasing consumables is inconvenient. Laser coders require almost no consumption parts and have few problems.

The most well-known coder manufacturers currently on the market are Videojet from the US, IMAJET from France, and LINXIN from the UK. In China, “Made in China” is more prevalent, and its outstanding cost-effectiveness is the main advantage of this.

Plastic handle ring machine 

A machine that automatically sleeves the corresponding bottle lifting ring to the plastic bottleneck. It has the advantages of convenient installation, a small floor area, no damage to the bottle, low energy consumption, etc.

Packing machine for large-size packaging water

According to the packaging materials, it has PE film wrapping packaging machine and a carton packaging machine.


According to the degree of automation, it has a semi-automatic palletizer and a full-automatic palletizer.

This is the whole production line of the large-size packaging water, from plastic bottle blowing machine to final packaging. I believe that through this article, you already have a general understanding of this production line, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to talking with you!

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