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The Purchase Guide Of The Spray Sterilization Cooling Tunnel

A spray sterilization cooling tunnel, also known as a pasteurization tunnel, can carry out different process designs according to the user’s process requirements for heating, sterilization, heat preservation, and cooling of different products. Spray sterilization cooling tunnel has the advantages of automatic program control, convenient operation, stable and reliable operation, beautiful appearance. It is ideal sterilization equipment for a modern beverage factory. More about secondary sterilization equipment,please click common secondary equipment for beverage line.

Applicable sterilizing drinks 

It applies to the secondary sterilization of fruit juice drinks, tea drinks, and beer, packed in various plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, and other packaging forms. 

With slight change, we can use it for warming carbonated beverages, and cooling hot filling drinks.

The classification of spray sterilization cooling tunnel

The spray sterilization tunnel uses steam and hot water as the thermal medium uses a heat energy converter (such as a boiler) to convert the burning heat energy into hot water or steam as the heating medium. Then, the heat energy of the hot water or steam is transferred to the food through the heat exchanger, thereby playing a sterilization role. The heat sources for the spray sterilization tunnel mainly include steam provided by the boiler, central hot water system, and electric heating of heating pipes. Electric heating has high power consumption and is generally suitable for small production models that only require the function of warm bottles. 

LINHO spray sterilization cooling tunnel advantages

Fast heating, saving energy, equipped with efficient heat exchangers to increase heat exchange area, shorten heating time, and save energy.

Adopt insulation technology to reduce energy consumption, such as double-layer stainless steel side panels with thermal insulation material in the middle. 

Accurate temperature control system, and effective sterilization while saving energy consumption.

A fully automatic system that monitors and records temperature changes throughout the production process online.

Preheating, high-temperature sterilization, pre-cooling, cooling zone, stable temperature in each section, uniform heat distribution, and efficient sterilization, while preventing glass and other fragile bottles from breaking due to unstable and uneven temperature.

Comprehensive utilization of multiple energy heat recovery technologies, energy conservation, and environmental protection;

Spray Sterilization Cooling Tunnel

Inlet &outlet conveyor: with the dynamic conveyor chain, bottles (cans) will move forward automatically. 

Chain net: high-end brand polymer polyethylene material, easy to connect and replace; can work for a long time at high temperatures without deformation; good self-lubricating effect during operation, less prone to wear and tear, and long service life.

Spray mouth: SUS304 material, precision machined by machine tools, with a beautiful appearance and reasonable aperture. It is installed on the distribution pipe, the angle is accurate and reasonable, and the flow rate is large and not clogged. The flow rate distribution is uniform and stable, and the temperature field is constant.

Water tank: storage water tank + external water tank, external water tank with filter screen, easy to change.

Manhole: glass sight glass for storage water tank, spray observation manhole, convenient for temperature detection.

Distribution pipe: it is segmented type, convenient for disassembly and cleaning.

Water-saving piping arrangement: during the machine is running, the water from the can surface will drop into the water tank, when cans move forward, it will bring the previous water into the next zone water tank. The water of the following temperature zone water tank will up, when it overflows, it will connect to the upper water tank. In this way, the piping arrangement is complex but will save recycled water. 

Each section of the water tank outlet adopts an external convex drainage tank with a filtering device of 100 mesh.

Main machine outlet: equipped with RO pure water cleaning (to prevent only circulating water spraying to let white spots on the tank body), and with a water blow device.

All water and gas inlets and outlets of the main machine are equipped with a complete set of valves with flanges or quick interfaces for customers to connect to the pipeline.

All external gas and water inlet, and outlet water ports of the main machine are equipped with shut-off valves and have external ports.

Spray Sterilization Cooling Tunnel

The quotation of spray sterilization cooling tunnel

The spray sterilization tunnel has multiple temperature zones, each temperature zone consisting of a water tank, filtration system, pump, and spray system. Use independent water circulation systems to heat and cool bottled beverages. Figure out the size of the spray sterilization tunnel requires the following information:

Size of packaging materials (plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, etc.)

Production speed per hour

The inlet and outlet temperature of the spray sterilization tunnel

Sterilization temperature and sterilization time

For example, 5000 cans per hour, 330ML can beverage, inlet temperature of 10 degrees, outlet temperature of 20 degrees, sterilization temperature of 65 degrees, 20 minutes. After calculation, this spray sterilization tunnel needs 8 temperature zones, and the external size is 14000*2000mm. The following are the temperature ranges for each temperature zone:

Zone1: 10-20 ℃ 

Zone 2: 20-30 ℃

Zone 3: 30-45 ℃

Zone 4: 45-65 ℃ 

Zone 5: 65 ℃

Zone 6: 65~45 ℃

Zone 7: 45-30 ℃

Zone 8: 30-20 ℃

 spray sterilization cooling tunnel

I believe that through this article, you already have a general understanding of our spray sterilization cooling tunnels, please tell us your requirements, and we will send you a detailed quotation. 

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