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How To Do Customized Bottled Water Business?

People’s consumption concepts have changed dramatically in recent years as the economy and society have evolved. As more people pursue personalized and high-quality lifestyles, the rise of fully or partially customized products has gradually become a consumption trend. The development of enterprises lies in their ability to continuously provide customers with what they want. And personalized customization can effectively achieve this goal through customer needs. According to a Deloitte consumer survey, 36% of consumers are interested in purchasing individualized products or services. In addition, the survey also found that 48% of consumers are willing to wait longer for their customized products or services. Then how about the customized bottled water?

The bottled water industry is no exception. Private customized bottled water can bring spiritual and emotional satisfaction to users by attaching importance to brand marketing experience and promoting enterprise brands to obtain differentiated and personalized experiences in brand marketing.

customized bottled water

Customized bottled water will undoubtedly become a trend

First: exclusive customized water can better fit the company’s image and cultural concept.

Second, exclusive customized water can display the enterprise’s unique information on the bottle shape and label.

Thirdly, exclusive customized water can leave a deep impression on customers.

Fourth: exclusive customized water can effectively convey enterprise information during events and conferences.

Fifth: exclusive customized water can unify the overall image of the enterprise and achieve detailed brand building.

customized bottled water

Who are the target groups for customized bottled water?

  1. Traditional catering and circulation channels. (Traditional restaurants, large and medium-sized supermarkets, and hotels)
  2. Personal customization. (Including weddings, birthday banquets, and personalized customization of personal needs)
  3. Enterprises, public institutions, or financial enterprises. (Government meetings, events, school sports events, banks, securities, and insurance companies)
  4. Service institutions. (Automobile Sales Service shop 4S, gas stations, various training institutions, KTVs, and beauty institutions)
  5. Scenic spots (scenic spots, amusement parks, hot springs)
  6. Other (other channels for reception and publicity)

What should we pay attention to before producing customized bottled water?

Confirm the quantity of customized bottled water

The bottled water manufacturers can confirm the amount of customized bottled water with customers according to the efficiency of the current production line and customer requirements. Generally, more is better.

Confirm the bottle shape design

The bottle shape is a critical part of bottled water manufacturers. For small batches of customized water, it is best to let customers choose the bottle shape design of the current production line, through the label pattern to reflect the customization. Changing the bottle shape design will result in the replacement of molds and some parts of our production line equipment, such as the mold of the blowing machine, the star wheel of the filling machine, the center guides pillar of the labeling machine, and the baffle of the film packaging machine, etc.

customized bottled water

Bottle-blowing machine mold

The bottle-blowing machine manufacturer makes the bottle mold of the bottle-blowing machine according to the bottle design drawings, and mold production requires a series of processes like forging, polishing, etc. Generally, mold production requires 30 working days after receiving the signed drawing of the customer’s bottle design. In addition to taking time to make the mold, replacing the bottle mold on the bottle-blowing machine also takes time, which also takes 1-2 hours for skilled engineers.

Confirm the bottle caps

The cap for customized water should be the same as the cap of the original production line. Otherwise, we must replace the capping mold, caps-down device, and other parts. The capping mold is the mold inside the capping head, which is customized according to the caps. In addition to subtle differences in bottle cap size, there are differences in internal and external threads for different manufacturers’ caps.

Confirm the labeling method

We must confirm the labeling method with the customer besides the label design. At present, the labeling methods of bottled water on the market mainly include shrink labels, self-adhesive labels, and hot melt OPP labels. We can recommend customers choose the corresponding labeling method based on the existing labeling equipment in the workshop.

Confirm the packaging method

PE film packing 

PE film has transparent film and customized color film. Transparent film is a cost-effective packaging method, and the color-customized film packing machine differs from the transparent film packaging machines in that it must consider the positioning.

Carton packing

Ordinary carton packing machine

One-plate type carton packing machine 

Half-carton carton packing machine

Confirm the provider of raw materials

In addition to confirming the above details, we’d better confirm with the customer who will provide the raw materials for customized bottled water. The raw material includes bottle preform, bottle caps, labels, and packing film/packing cartons. 

If you are planning to do customized bottled water business, contact us and LINHO will provide you professional suggestion as the machine manufacturer.

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