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How To Build A Coconut Water Production Line?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, consumers’ demand for beverages has gradually shifted from simple carbonated drinks to nutrition, health care, and functional beverage. Recently coconut water has become a favorite protein drink because of its rich raw materials, high nutritional value, and unique flavor. At the same time, coconut water enters the market as a Fitness drink, as it helps restore physical energy and replenish minerals in the body. How to build a coconut water production line?

coconut water production line

What is coconut water? 

Coconut is an evergreen tropical plant in the palm family, the fruit of coconut is oblate, the mature fruit changes from green to orange-yellow, with a smooth surface and more internal fibers. Coconut fruit contains a lot of juice and pulp, coconut water (also known as coconut juice) is the extracted juice of coconut fruit. Coconut water is as clear as water, with a sweet taste, crystal clear and bright, are an excellent cooling and thirst-quenching product.

The liquid inside young coconuts is often better than the liquid of a ripened coconut. Coconut water from young green coconuts is also known as Buko juice in Philippine English.

coconut water production line

What are the health benefits of coconut water?

Natural source of several nutrients 

Coconut water contains rich plant proteins, vitamins, varieties of amino acids required by the human body, and trace elements such as zinc, calcium, and iron. It can effectively supplement various nutrients for the body, ensure the metabolism of cells and tissues, improve the liquid immune function and enhance the body’s resistance to disease.

  • Relieve fatigue, restore physical strength, and replenish mental power: Coconut water contains a certain amount of carbohydrates, namely sugar. Drinking appropriate coconut water can help the human body supplement rich fructose and glucose, quickly replenish energy for the human body, alleviate human fatigue, restore physical strength and improve thinking response-ability and memory. It is a popular energy drink, fitness drink, and protein drink.
  • Prevention of osteoporosis: coconut water is rich in calcium and phosphorus, is an indispensable substance in human bones. Drinking appropriate coconut water can play a role in preventing osteoporosis.

It may beneficiate for anti-aging, beauty, and skincare

Coconut water is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. It is a natural antioxidant with an antioxidant effect. It can remove excess free radicals in the body, prevent excessive oxidation of free radicals, promote cells metabolism, promote microvascular blood circulation, delay aging, and make skin delicate and elastic.

coconut water production line

It may help prevent kidney stones

Coconut water is rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium. These minerals can correct and regulate dehydration and electrolyte disorders in the body after eating. At the same time, it also has a regulatory effect on the kidney, promotes the absorption and discharge of water by the kidney, and diuresis and detumescence.

It may protect against heart disease

Coconut water is rich in nutrients and amino acids, are conducive to protecting our hearts. Drinking appropriate coconut water will not increase body weight, what is better is can reduce the level of human blood lipids, prevent hyperlipidemia, to play a role in cardiovascular health care. 

It may have the bactericidal action

  • An ideal drink for killing parasitic. When parasitic infection occurs in the body, coconut pulp and juice have a strong killing effect on ginger flake worms and tapeworms. Moreover, coconut water is also widely used in clinical practice, has a therapeutic effect on many infectious diseases without toxic side effects.
  • Improve oral ulcer: coconut water contains lauric acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties. It can assist in anti-virus, anti-fungal, and bacterial inflammation. It can also form a chemical protective layer in the mouth, it is conducive to the recovery of oral ulcers.
coconut water production line

What is the process of a coconut water production line?

Coconut selection& cleaning – Break the coconut shell& collect the coconut water – Take out the coconut meat& coconut silk – Grinding pulp (coarse grinding) – Filtering – Grinding pulp (fine grinding) – Filtering – Blending – Homogenization(two times) – Degassing – UHT sterilization – Filling and sealing – Sterilizing – Labeling – Packaging

Coconut selection &cleaning

Choose the fresh and mature coconut, and wash the sands and sundries attached to the surface of the coconut shell.

Break the coconut shell& collect the coconut water

After washing the coconut, cut along the middle of the coconut to make the coconut water flow out. Collect the coconut water and filter for standby. 

Take out the coconut meat& coconut shred

Divide the coconut into two pieces and use a coconut shaver to scrape out the coconut meat and coconut shred.

Grinding pulp(rough grinding)

Add enough qualified treated water into the coconut meat and coconut silk and send it to the pulping machine for crushing. When broken into a loose state, the juice is the best, it is rough grinding.

coconut water production line, coconut grinding pulp

Grinding pulp(fine grinding)

After filtering the rough grinding coconut water, it is sent to a colloid grinding machine for fine grinding, separating the protein and grease, to improve the utilization rate of raw materials. After two times of grinding pulp, more than 90% of solids in the coconut water can pass through 150 mesh. 

coconut water production line, coconut grinding pulp


Use the sugar melting pot to dissolve the sugar into syrup and filter it for backup.

Add an appropriate amount of water into the emulsifier and stabilizer, stir and dissolve fully to obtain a stable emulsifier and stabilizer solution.

Put the coconut water, syrup, emulsifier, and stabilizer into the stainless steel mixing tank with a stirrer for mixing.

juice mixing system
coconut water production line, blending

High-pressure homogenization

The purpose of homogenization is to further break particles in coconut water. It can increase the affinity of coconut water, inhibit the phenomenon of stratification and precipitation, and keep the coconut water even and stable. 

Pressure and temperature are important parameters affecting the homogenization effect, adopts a high-pressure homogenizer. To make the coconut water even, we usually do homogenize it twice.

coconut water production line, homogenization


Remove the air mixed in the homogenization.

coconut water production line, degassing

UHT sterilization

To inhibit the bacterial growth in the coconut water, the degassed coconut water needs to enter the high-temperature instantaneous sterilizer for sterilization. The sterilization time is 15 minutes at 120degree.

coconut water production line, UHT STERILIZATION

Filling and sealing

coconut water production line

Canned coconut water production line

Plastic bottle coconut water production line (PP bottle sealed with aluminum foil)

Glass bottle coconut water production line


For sterilization, we can adopt spray pasteurization and autoclave sterilization. HOW TO CHOOSE A STERILIZATION MACHINE FOR A BEVERAGE LINE?


For the labeling machine, Linho can offer different options. HOW TO CHOOSE A LABELING MACHINE FOR A BEVERAGE LINE?


For packaging, you can choose PE film packing or carton packing. HOW TO CHOOSE A BACK-END PACKAGING MACHINE FOR A BEVERAGE FILLING LINE?

Now I think you already have a general idea of the coconut water line. If you are planning to build a coconut water line, welcome to contact us to know more about the production line!

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