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How To Adjust Filling Machine Fit For Different Bottles?

When we change the bottle size or bottle type, what we should do to adjust the filling machine? More and more beverage factories are now producing bottled beverages in multiple volumes. This is the most frequent question we are facing.

Different consumers have different needs for beverages. Some may prefer smaller-volume drinks, while others prefer larger-volume drinks. If only the beverage factory produces a single volume of beverages, it may affect the utilization rate of the production line when market demand declines or product sales are not smooth. The production of multi-capacity beverages can flexibly adjust production under different market needs, improve the utilization rate of production lines, and at the same time improve the influence of the brand, leave more impressions on consumers, and enhance brand loyalty.

glacier water design

To let filling machine fit for different size bottles, the main adjustments are the star wheel, guide plate, and related transmission belts. If the bottle neck size and cap is the same, you need to change the bottle inlet and outlet star wheel size accordingly, to make them match the bottle diameter. In addition, you need to adjust the distance between the inlet and outlet star wheels to match the height of the bottle. The specific adjustment method and steps need to be operated according to the model and instruction manual of the filling machine you are using to ensure correct operation and safety.

The main adjustment steps are as follows:

  • Adjustment of the bottle mouth positioning wheel: The bottle mouth positioning wheel is to fix the position of the bottle and ensure accurate filling. After changing the bottle size, adjust the position of the bottle mouth positioning wheel so that it can accurately identify the position of the bottle and fix the bottle.
  • Adjustment of bottle inlet and outlet star wheel: The bottle inlet and outlet star wheel is to send bottles into the filling machine and send the filled bottles out. After changing the bottles size, adjust the size and position of the inlet and outlet star wheel to accommodate the entry and exit of different sizes bottle.
  • Adjustment of bottle cap inlet star wheel: The bottle cap inlet star wheel is to feed the bottle cap into the filling machine. After replacing bottle size, it is necessary to adjust the size and position of the bottle cap inlet star wheel to adapt to different size cap.
  • Adjustment of the filling head: The filling head is to fill the beverage into the bottle. After changing bottles size, adjust the height and position of the filling head to ensure that the beverage can accurately flow into the bottle when filling, and make sure there is no spill or leak.
  • Adjustment of conveyor belt speed: After changing bottle size, adjust the speed of the conveyor belt to ensure that the bottles can enter and exit the filling machine smoothly and stay in the appropriate position for filling, capping, label sticking, and other operations.

It takes some time to find out the best adjustment parameter for different sizes bottles. So that the filling machine can achieve the best filling effect and output.

Some users want to produce beverages in plastic bottles and glass bottles at the same time. Is it possible?

Usually, glass bottle-filling machines are different from plastic bottle filling machines. Because glass bottles and plastic bottles have different physical properties and characteristics. For example, glass bottles are more fragile than plastic bottles and require slower, more stable filling speeds and more precise filling processes. If you want to fill plastic bottles on a glass bottle filling machine, you need to make the following adjustments to the machine:

1. Replace some spares: Because glass bottles and plastic bottles are different in size and weight, it is necessary to replace some spares such as filling heads and star wheels of plastic bottles.

2. Adjust the transmission ratio: Different sizes of bottles need different transmission ratios to make the speed and accuracy of filling consistent. Therefore, need to adjust the transmission ratio appropriately.

3. Change filling parameters: Different materials and sizes of bottles require different filling parameters, including filling volume, flow rate, etc. Need to adjust these parameters according to the actual situation appropriately.

4. Replace spares: In order to adapt to the size and shape of plastic bottles, you may need to replace some spares, such as star wheels, guide plates, grippers, etc.

5. Calibrate the sensor and control system: The sensor and control system of the filling machine need to be calibrated according to the characteristics of the plastic bottle to ensure that it can accurately detect and control the filling amount.

In addition, different types of bottles also need to adapt to different caps, seals, and other parts. The mouth of the plastic bottle is generally threaded, and the cap will also be a matching threaded cap, which is sealed in the form of a screw cap. The mouth of the glass bottle is mostly a non-threaded cap, such as a crown cap, pull ring cap, etc., which is sealed by a pressing cap. Even with screwed caps such as twist-off caps and aluminum caps, the threads are different from plastic bottles. In one word, one filling machine can fill both glass and plastic bottles, one capping machine cannot do it. It is very necessary to use different capping machines for different caps.

All these adjustments require a certain amount of time and technical support. If not adjusted properly, it can also affect the machine and productivity. Therefore, if you want to fill glass bottles and plastic bottles at the same time, it is best to use different filling machines for filling.

Although the production of beverages in multiple packages can better meet the needs of different consumers, better meet the needs of different markets, and improve the market coverage and sales of products.  However, manufacturers should still do a good job of product research according to their actual market conditions and not blindly use a variety of packaging. The type of product should be decided according to its actual situation and budget.

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