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UV ultraviolet sterilizer in water treatment(1)

Compared with other sterilization methods, UV sterilizer and ozone generators have been widely used in the water treatment industry in recent years. Ultraviolet rays can destroy bacteria DNA, ozone can play a strong oxidation effect, according to different environments, the two sterilization effects have a lot of its own merits.

The principle of UV sterilizing in water treatment:

Studies show UV rays with wavelengths between 200 and 290mm can penetrate the cell membranes of bacteria or viruses to damage DNA. Causing them to lose their ability to reproduce, thus achieving the goal of sterilization.

Experiments have confirmed a UV ray with a wavelength of 250-260mm is easier to get absorbed by DNA than other wavelengths. This is why this wavelength of UV ray is the most powerful. Killing microorganisms in accordance with the required amount of ultraviolet radiation has no change in water quality, and it takes a very short period of time, moreover, the effect is good. This treatment is done in a direct-tube circulation type of device.

Analysis of advantages of UV sterilizer in water treatment

  1. Broad-spectrum, ultraviolet sterilization is the highest Almost all bacteria, viruses can be killed efficiently.
  2. High-efficiency sterilization. Sterilization rate of bacteria, virus can generally reach 99%-99.9% in one to two seconds.
  3. Low operating and maintenance costs, small space, simple structure, less investment. Lower operating costs.
  4. Safe and reliable operation. The traditional disinfectant, such as chloride or ozone, are highly toxic and flammable substance. And the UV disinfection system does not have such a safety hazard;
  5. No secondary pollution. UV does not need any chemical agent, so it will not produce secondary pollution of water and the surrounding environment or change any ingredients in the water.



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