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Deionized Water Equipment

EDI (Electro deionization), also as known as continuous electric desalination, is ion removal process what uses mixed ion exchange resin adsorption of anions and cations in the water supply, at the same time, these adsorbed ions under the action of DC voltage go through the anions and cations exchange membrane respectively.

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Production Capacity


Deionized Type

Refined Mixing Bed, EDI Device

RO Options

One-Stage, Double Stage

Final Water Resistivity

≧12MΩ∙CM, ≧2MΩ∙CM

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Industry Water Treatment For Pure Water Factory. Reverse Osmosis System Purify Water Before Bottling. PLC Control And Touch Screen

Details of Deionized Water Equipment

Deionized Water Treatment Advantages

  • No need for chemical regeneration;
  • Non-stop EDI regeneration
  • Provide stable water quality
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy operation
  • Small labor intensity
  • Low operating costs.

Deionized Water Usage

  • Monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, solar cells, alumina crucible, photovoltaic glass and other production.
  • Electronic semiconductor integrated circuit block, picture tube, glass shell, liquid crystal display and other production water.
  • Water for smelting production of nonferrous metals and precious metals.
  • Nano-grade new materials, new aviation materials, ITO conductive glass manufacturing, electronic grade dust-free cloth production water.
  • Optical materials, electronic ceramics, cutting-edge magnetic materials production Water.
  • Battery, lithium battery, zinc manganese battery production.

EDI Production Technology

  • pretreatment system → two-stage reverse osmosis system →RO pure water tank →RO Pure pump →EDI device →EDI pure water tank →EDI Pure pump → end. Resistivity ≥12mq·cm
  • pretreatment system → two-stage reverse osmosis system →RO pure water tank →RO Pure pump →EDI device →EDI pure water tank →EDI pure pump → polishing mixing bed → microporous membrane filter → end. Resistivity ≥18mq·cm



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