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Carton Pack Machines(3)-Bottle Packing Machine

Carton packing machine

The carton packing machine is a kind of equipment that automatically loads unpackaged products or small packaged products into cartons. Its working principle is to pack the products in a certain arrangement and quantity into the carton.

There are many kinds of carton packing machines, including drop-down type, grab type and side push type. Here the first two types are mainly introduced.

A fully automatic drop-down type carton packing machine is to effectively transfer the whole rows of bottles to the top of the carton after accumulating the quantity. According to the packing requirements, when the whole rows bottle passes the positioning device, the load-bearing board opens automatically to ensure that the product falls into the carton to completes the carton packing.

Drop-down type packing machine uses a carton drop buffer device to realize soft drop-down, which is mainly used for packing bags or large containers.

bottle carton packing machine
bottle packing in carton

Fully automatic grab type carton packing machine is to lift the specified quantity of products by grasping hands or suckers, after lifting, properly separate the intervals between products, and then put them into cartons.

Different specifications of bottles need to be replaced with suitable grasping heads. The gas collector distributes compressed air to each bottle grasping the head to realize the capturing operation. The quantity of air distribution needs to be changed according to the size and specifications of the packing. If the goods are cool sports cars, then grab-type carton packing machine is to control the steering wheel of the sports car, control the direction of the sports car, so that it runs more stable and farther.

beverage bottled packing machine

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