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Carton Pack Machines(4)-One Plate Wrap Around Carton Packing Machine

water bottle packing machine
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Compared with the carton opening, carton packing and carton sealing, three equipment to finish the process, one plate type carton wrapping machine can finish these processes by one equipment. This machine is mainly suitable for a high-speed production line.

Full-automatic one plate type carton wrapping machine, wrap bottle around with indented paperboard, then glued and sealing.

The working process of full-automatic one plate type carton wrapping machine:

Take out the paperboard(the paperboard is with indentation and angle cutting) which already stacked in the paperboard feeding area before,then pre-folded the paperboard into a right-angled shape. Afterward the stacked material(bottle) will pushed into a certain position of the paperboard by push board. Then wrapping the bottle according to the indentation on the paperboard, after that coated with hot glue, seal the carton and conveyor it out.

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Mainly summarizes as paperboard delivery, coated with glue and carton forming,carton packing, coated with glue and carton sealing,carton delivery


Carton cost saving: compared with traditional cartons, it can save about 15% – 20% of the carton area, save raw materials and reduce the cost of cartons.

Process saving: packing/wrapping carton with sheet paperboard can reduce the process of carton making, carton opening, and carton sealing.

Eco-friendly and beautiful appearance: the use of hot melt glue sealing carton instead of traditional sealing tape conforms to environmental protection and hygiene, and the packaging product has a neat and beautiful appearance.


Customers can choose suitable carton packing machine according to local market, bottle material, bottle size, bottles quantity in per carton and packing speed.

Drop-down type carton packing machine is suitable for large-volume bottles. The bottle is easy fall down into carton and scatter if the bottles are too small.

Grab type carton packing machine is more flexible and faster than drop-down type. Determine the grasping head size according to the bottle neck.

One-plate type carton packing machine, packing more bottles, saving the cost of cartons, of course, the cost of machinery is also expensive. It is more suitable for high-speed production lines, saves a lot of carton costs under long-term and high-speed operation.

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