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Carton Pack Machines(2)-Carton Forming Machine

According to the way of feeding, there are three main types. In the beverage packaging industry, vertical and horizontal carton opening machines are widely used. Vertical type carton opening machine is mainly suitable for a low production line, while horizontal type most used in a high production line, horizontal type also can put more paperboard.

Vertical feeding: use the self-weight which between paperboard and paperboard baffle to make the carton slide. This traditional feeding way, feeding area can generally put about 50 paper-boards, if users need to put more, then they can consider making bigger.

packing machine for bottles
automatic bottle packing machine

Power feeding: continue the previous point, if we make a feeding area bigger, it is impossible to let cartons slide relies on the self-weight of paperboard. Then we need to make power transmission and power feeding. This way not only can put more cartons, but also the supply of cartons is more accurate, of course, the cost will be increased accordingly.

Horizontal feeding: this kind of horizontal feeding is very common, but most used in high-speed carton opening machine.

empty bottles automatic packing machine
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