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Carton Pack Machines(1)-Carton Forming Machine

For Carton Packing Machines, there are three parts: Carton Forming, Bottle Packing, and Carton Sealing.

Automatic carton opening machine

An automatic carton opening machine(also called automatic carton forming machine) is the operation of cartons. Auto pulls open the paperboard which stacked in the carton storage area then carton will be formed. Auto folds the carton bottom according to a certain procedure and seals the carton bottom with tape. After that, carton will enter into carton filling machine by conveyor.

The automatic carton opening machine is controlled by PLC, let the working process of sucking carton, forming carton, folding side cover of carton, pushing carton and sealing carton bottom with tape be fully automated.


It is mainly divided into the following three steps:

carton forming process
case forming process
  1. Suction carton. When the user puts the flat carton into the carton loading area, the carton opening machine will suck the carton by its sucking disk,when it is sucked in, at the same time, there will be a backward pulling force, which will suck the flat paperboard into the carton. During this process, we should ensure that the gas source is sufficient, if the gas source is insufficient, it will not be able to suck the carton.
  2. Fold the carton bottom. After the first step, the carton has been basically formed, the next step is to fold carton bottom. The equipment will fold the two short leaves of the carton bottom first, then the long leaves, so that the bottom of the carton is folded together.
  3. Seal the carton bottom. The carton is driven and move forward by the conveyor belt. In the process of moving, the bottom of the carton is sealed with the sealing tape and then enter into the next working area.

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