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Filling Machine(4)-Negative Pressure Filling,Juice beverage/Vacuum filling

Plastic bottle juice, because the juice filling is high-temperature filling, juice bottles need to be high temperature resistant. Compare with high-temperature filling, the sterile cold filling can better maintain the nutrition and taste of the juice itself, of course, its technical requirements and equipment costs are also high.


Glass bottle juice, compared with the convenience and portability of plastic bottle juice, glass bottle juice also has its advantages.

  • Glass materials have good barrier properties, which can prevent oxygen and other gases from invading the inner contents, and prevent the volatile components of the inner contents from volatilizing into the atmosphere.
  • Glass bottles can be used repeatedly, which can reduce the packaging cost.
  • Glass can easily change its color and transparency.
  • Glass bottles are safe and hygienic. They have good corrosion resistance and acid resistance. They are suitable for packaging acidic substances (such as vegetable, juice, beverage, etc.).


Canned juice, when filling juice into the can, usually drips nitrogen, in addition to keeping the can will not collapse, but also can extend the date of juice quality and reduce nutrient loss.

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