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The type of Pasteurization(3)

Based on pasteurization, we find more technology of sterilization, like pasteurization by pulse strong light,pasteurization by magnetic field sterilization,pasteurization by microwave sterilization and so on.

Pasteurization extension

Pasteurization by pulse strong light

The use of strong white flash technology for sterilization, the technology is generally used to treat the surface sterilization of food, can extend the shelf life of the transparent material of pre-packaged food.

 Pasteurization by magnetic field sterilization

Both constant magnetic field and pulse magnetic field can effectively inhibit the growth of some microorganisms and bacteria,when the magnetic field reaches a certain  strength,it can be used to inactivate biological macromolecules such as enzyme, amino acid, nucleic acid and protein by inhibiting free radical activities of food and affecting the activity of proteins and enzymes, so as to kill bacteria.

 Pasteurization by microwave sterilization

Thermal effect of microwave energy: under the action of a certain intensity of microwave field, insects and bacteria in food will experience the phenomenon of molecular polarization, absorb microwave energy to heat up, so as to make their protein denature and lose biological activity. The thermal effect of microwave mainly plays the role of rapid temperature rise and sterilization;

Non thermal effect of microwave energy: high frequency electric field also changes membrane potential and polar molecular structure; makes proteins and physiological active substances in microorganisms mutate and lose vitality or death. It plays a special role in sterilization which is not found in conventional physical sterilization, and is also one of the causes of bacterial death.




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