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The type of Pasteurization(2)

Based on pasteurization, we find more technology of sterilization, like pasteurization alternating current sterilization,pasteurization by ultrasonic sterilization and so on .

Pasteurization extension

Pasteurization alternating current sterilization

Generally, it refers to the method of killing microorganism and bacteria by low frequency alternating current below hundreds of Hertz in the liquid materials of fruits and vegetables juice, there is an extended use method, which uses the thermal effect of alternating current, also known as resistance heating technology, it uses the resistance thermal effect of continuous flow conductive liquid to heat to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

 Pasteurization by ultrasonic sterilization

A series of reactions, such as cavitation effect, mechanical effect, chemical effect, thermal effect, dispersion effect, acoustic flow effect, capillary effect and thixotropic effect( ultrasonic wave in solid, liquid and gas transmit ), are used to achieve the goal of sterilization.

 Pasteurization laser sterilization

Laser is a kind of electromagnetic wave and also a kind of energy flow (photon flow), uses the working principle of some special biological effects (chemical reaction, thermal effect, electronic effect, pressure effect, biological stimulation effect) produced when it acts on organisms to sterilization.



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