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Look at these “the water noble ” in packaging design field!(2)

What kind of mineral water can be called high-end water? In addition to its good reputation and noble “lineage”, the most important of course is its design.

Here are some high-end mineral water packaging design works. Let’s feel the design concept of these “the water noble”


via:Studio h

Svalbardi’s glacier water, with transparent bottle body, exquisite wooden plug and glacier sense blue-green color, makes you feel “the taste of snow in the air”. This is a rare mineral water with external packaging. The external packaging is white and green, covered with snowflake patterns which has a cold feeling.Such a luxurious high-end mineral water is also excellent as a gift.

elegant bottle design
elegant bottle picture

Svalbardi glacier water comes from glaciers in Norway,a remote areas of Svalbard Islands. These primitive glaciers have a history of thousands of years. This package also integrates the story of glacier water into the design and greatly improves the style. The water bottle is made of glass, above are delicate corks,below the bottle are the brand name printed on the glass and the simple white label. The font is retro and elegant serif.

graceful bottle design
graceful and simple bottle picture

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