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How much you know about CIP cleaning system(2)?

Take the beverage industry as an example, its cleaning procedures are as follows:

  1. Wash for 3-5 minutes with hot water at room temperature or above 60 ℃; alkaline wash for 10-20 minutes with 1% – 2% solution at 60 ℃ – 80 ℃; intermediate wash for 5-10 minutes with clean water below 60 ℃; final wash for 3-5 minutes with clean water.
  2. Wash for 3-5 minutes with hot water at room temperature or above 60 ℃; alkaline wash for 5-10 minutes with 1% – 2% solution at 60 ℃ – 80 ℃, intermediate wash for 5-10 minutes with clean water below 60 ℃, sterilization for 10-20 minutes, hot water above 90 ℃.

As an ideal CIP in food industry, the cleaning effect must meet the following standards:

Sensory organs

  • Smell: fresh, no different and miscellaneous smell. Slight smell is allowed for special treatment process or special stage, but it does not affect the safety and quality of the final product.
  • Vision: the cleaning surface is bright,no water, no film, no dirt or other defects. At the same time, after CIP treatment, the production capacity of the equipment changed significantly.

Hygienic index: microbial indicators meet the relevant requirements; can not cause the product other hygienic index enhancement.

Economy: under the condition of meeting the cleaning requirements at the same time, the cost is an important factor to measure the cleaning effect.

There are two ways to control CIP system: manual control and automatic control.

Manual control is completely by manual operation of the valve, such as liquid filling, cleaning, discharge, temperature control and other functions.

Automatic control is designed by the designer according to the requirements to set adjustable flow, temperature, concentration, pressure, time and other parameters of the instruments and meters to CIP system automatic control, and according to the set cleaning process, with the least time, workload, consumption, complete the purpose of cleaning, realize the maximum profit. 

Considering the harm of acid, alkali and other cleaning solution to human body and the cleaning quality is an important factor in aseptic production, the automatic control of CIP is very necessary.

CIP device only plays an auxiliary role in the whole line, although it is indispensable. So it’s easy to be ignored. Once the new standard is issued and enforced in food and beverage production, it will also raise the requirements for the design and function of CIP equipment. If the basic configuration of equipment is established from now on, it will be able to adapt to the more stringent legal requirements proposed by future legislators as soon as possible.

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