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Why reverse osmosis membrane is blocked?

  1. The pre-treatment device equipped with the system is not suitable for the quality and flow of raw water, or the necessary process device and process steps are not equipped in the system.
  2. The pre-treatment device is not operating normally, that is, the original pre-treatment equipment of the system has low removal ability for raw water SDI components, turbidity, gel, etc., and the pre-treatment effect is not ideal.
  3. Improper equipment or incorrect material (pump, piping and others) are selected by the system.
  4. Failure of the system chemical injection device (acid, flocculation/coagulant aids, scale inhibitors/dispersants, reducing agents and others).
  5. Failure to take appropriate protective measures after the equipment is in intermittent operation or the system stops using.
  6. Improper operation of equipment by operation management personnel (recovery rate, water yield, concentrated water, pressure difference, cleaning and others).
  7. The insoluble sediment accumulated in the membrane system for a long time.
  8. The composition of raw water has changed greatly or the characteristics of water source have changed fundamentally.
  9. The reverse osmosis membrane system has been polluted by microorganisms to a certain extent.
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