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Cleaning of the equipment and pipeline is vital in the food processing factory or the following precipitate will affect the food quality .CIP is an ideal equipment for cleaning and it’s expanding quick in factories, especially in dairy work.

CIP cleaning is CLEAN IN PLACE.

CIP cleaning is a safe and automatic cleaning system that does not decompose the production equipment and can be easily operated. It has been introduced to almost all food, beverage and pharmaceutical factories. CIP cleaning can not only clean the machine, but also control microorganisms.CIP cleaning technology has been widely used in advanced food industry.

CIP cleaning device has the following advantages:

General manufacturers can choose detergents according to the pollution nature and degree of the cleaning object, composition material, water quality, cleaning method, cost and safety. The commonly used detergents are acid, alkali and sterilizing detergents.

The advantages of acid and alkali detergents:

Disadvantages are:

The advantages of the sterilizing agent are as follows: 

The disadvantages are:

Acid in acid-base detergent refers to 1% – 2% nitric acid solution;

Alkali refers to 1% – 3% sodium hydroxide used at 65 ℃ – 80 ℃.

Bactericides are often used chlorine bactericides, such as sodium hypochlorite, etc.

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