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What Is The Application Of Homogenizer?

Application industry of homogenizer

It is widely used in biomedicine; food industry; daily care products; coatings and inks; nano materials; petrochemical industry; printing and dyeing auxiliaries; paper making industry; pesticide and fertilizer; plastic rubber; power electronics; other fine chemical industries.

Application of homogenizer in food processing

Homogenizer in food processing is to refine the material under the triple action of extrusion, strong impact and pressure loss expansion, so that the material can be more evenly mixed with each other.such as used in the dairy processing, homogenizer make fat in milk more tiny , thus make the whole product system more stable. Milk will look whiter. It is an important processing equipment for food, dairy and beverage industry.

Application of homogenizer in soy milk

When homogenizing, soybean milk is pressed out from the slit of homogenizing valve under high pressure. Fat globules, proteins and other particles are refined under the combined action of shear force, impact force and hole effect form a uniform dispersion. It can prevent fat floating, protein precipitation, and increase the gloss of soy milk, improve the stability of soy milk.  

The homogenization effect of soy milk is affected by three factors:homogenization pressure,homogenization temperature and homogenization times. The homogenization pressure is limited by the equipment. Soy milk production can be homogenized at 20 ~ 30MPa. When homogenizing, the temperature is generally controlled between 55 ℃ and 65 ℃. Homogenization times can be 1 ~ 2 times.

Homogenization process can be placed before or after the sterilization of soy milk. The two arrangements have their own advantages and disadvantages. If homogenization is placed before sterilization, the sterilization process can destroy the homogenization effect to some extent. Soy milk is easy to appear oil line. But this process reduces the chance of contamination after sterilization. The security of storage is high, the cost of equipment is relatively low,and it is not easy to scale after the homogeneous of soybean milk enter into the sterilizer. If homogenization is placed after sterilization, the above situation is just the opposite.

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