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One time barreled water VS traditional recycled barreled water

With more and more one time barreled water entering the market, people have more choices when buying barrel water. So what is the difference between one time barreled water and traditional recycled barreled water? A few points are listed here for your reference.

Different material for plastic drum

The plastic drum for recycled barreled water is mostly made of PC material, which has relatively strong strength and toughness, can be use longer time and be recycle.The plastic drum for one time barreled water is made of PET new material, which can feel softer and is disposable.

Different specifications

Traditional recycled barreled water, from the specification, more unified. The filling volume of one time barreled water can better meet the needs of consumers. The small one is 3L to 8L, and the large one is 9L to 16L.

Different secondary packaging

The secondary packaging of traditional recycled barreled water is simple and singleness. In addition to the more diversified design of barrels, the secondary packaging of one time barreled water is more creative and rich.In order to facilitate the use of consumers on the packaging, there are various ways to carry, which can be directly attached with handle, or different combinations of shrink film or carton packing. Consumers can choose according to their own needs in life.

If the task of purchasing barreled water is undertaken by women, there is no doubt that one time barreled water has more advantages. In terms of volume, barrel body design and secondary packaging, one time barreled water occupies the minds of most female consumers.

Different purchase method

The purchase method is indeed a small but obvious difference. The traditional barreled water is required to pay a barrel deposit whether it is directly delivered to home service or community membership card service. There is no restriction on one time barreled water in this respect. Whether it is direct purchase in supermarket or online purchase, just order as you like.

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