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With the popularity of household water filter, barreled water will be replaced?

In recent years, there are more and more household water purifiers, some people think it will replace barrel water. I think the household water purifier is only a supplement to barrel water, and barrel water will not be replaced by it. The following reasons are listed here for reference.

More secure

       Barrel water generally use ozone, UV and other disinfection methods, which can better realize the inactivation of microorganisms. It is currently recognized as the safest drinking water.In particular, the production of barrel water still needs to be reviewed by relevant departments. Compared with water purifiers without clear standards, the audit aspect is much more rigorous. Especially, barrel water produced by large enterprises and famous brands has a good guarantee in terms of production technology and production equipment.

More choices.

      The water purified by the household water purifier has a single taste, and the water purified by the RO machine is not suitable for long-term drinking,especially for underdeveloped infants and children, adolescents in growth period, the elderly with physical function degradation and patients with organ function weakening,long-term drinking has more disadvantages than advantages.The quality of barrel water is much better than the pure water purified by tap water. Barrel water provides consumers with more choices, not limited to water quality, water source and taste, which is a natural advantage that household water purifiers cannot achieve.

The main consumer groups are relatively stable

      Whether it is for daily drinking or as office water, this is a rigid demand, and the relationship between supply and demand will hardly change much. Maybe some people will say, are there so few barrels of water circulating in developed countries such as the US and Europe? This is because the treatment technology of drinking water in developed countries is relatively advanced. You can drink directly by turning on a tap on the street, which is not completely achieved in many developing countries. Different countries and regions have different consumption.Only diversification can meet the public’s demand for drinking water. From the current situation, barrel water is the most healthy drinking water in line with the current social development.

5gallon water washing filling capping monoblack
5gallon water washing filling capping unit

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