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A letter to barreled water manufacturer

Although the household water purifier and one time packaged drinking water are growing, they only supplement the barreled water, and the conflict between them is not very obvious.

Good and bad household water purifier both enter into the market, there is no clear standard for it and the water taste of household water purifier is single, which is not suitable for long-term drinking. By contrast,barreled water has more advantages. It  requires rigorous review by the health department, and there are more types of water, not limited to water quality, water source and taste.

The rise of one time packed drinking water, to a certain extent, has solved the problem of the transportation radius of barreled water and the secondary pollution of recycled barrels. However, the threshold of one time barreled water is not high, coupled with the problems such as too short rise time, high cost and serious waste of resources, it can not really replace the position of recycle barreled water in a period of time. In this regard, some people evaluate that the one time large packed drinking water(9L to 16L) is loud thunder but small raindrops.

With the continuous change of the times, the future of small packed barreled water will have a better market prospect. This is because nowadays,the family structure has changed,  families of three or four people has gradually become the normal. When purchasing drinking water in daily life, they will choose small packaged drinking water which is more convenient. In this regard, some people evaluate that one time small package drinking water and small barreled water (4L to 8L) will thriving.

Barreled water manufacturers can seize the selling points of products, create their own brand symbols, expand publicity efforts in local regional markets to stabilize the basic consumer market. Thus gradually expand the strength and influence of enterprises, improve product quality and output, and gradually develop a broader market share.

The choice of the market often hides the new needs of consumers. Only by adapting to the changes of the market, grasping the trend of reform and development, constantly meeting the new needs of consumers and making timely product reform and deployment, can we take the lead in the market and remain invincible.

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