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Automatic Linear Type Oil Filling Bottling Machine Plant

Piston Filling Machine Is Usually Used For Oil And Other Liquid With Higher Viscosity Like Salad Dressings, Peanut Butter, Potato Salad. With Glass Bottle, The Cap Could Be Crown Cap, Screw ROPP Cap, Pull-Ring Cap, Or Twist Off Cap.

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Liquid To Jam

Bottle Type

Glass/Plastic Bottles, Jars

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Glass and Plastic Bottle Filling Machine For Oil, Paste, Jam. Inline Type Filling Machine. Any Bottles Are Ok.

Details of Automatic Linear Type Oil Filling Bottling Machine Plant

Working Process

Empty bottles are staged on the main drive conveyor prior to entering the piston filler. Bottles enter the filler and are counted by optical sensors to ensure the correct numbers of bottles are in position. Once in place, bottles are locked in position by the pneumatically operated bottle clamping mechanism. This ensures bottles are located correctly under each filling head to minimize under or over-fills. The filling process begins as a series of stainless steel valves descend into the bottles for fast, accurate and consistent filling. After target volume is achieved, the out-gate cylinder withdraws itself from its position and allows the filled bottles to go further on the conveyor for the sealing operations


Liquids suitable to fill food industry(e.g, paste, butter, jam filling machine, ketchup, honey, edible oil, sauce, salad dress..etc);Oil industry(e.g, cooking oil, lube oil, brake oil..) household product industry(e.g, shampoo, liquid soap, liquid detergent, hand wash. etc) personal care industry(e.g, cream filling machine, lotion filling machine, gel filling machine, perfume filling machine etc) Chemical industry(e.g, agrochemicals, fertilizer, SC, pesticide, grease filling machine, lubricant filling machine pharmaceutical industry(e, g ointment filling machine, liquid filling machine etc)


Filling Size: 50ml-1000mI: 1-5L
Production rate 10-80Bottles/Min depends on liquid and bottles
Heavy-duty stainless steel constructed
a Stainless steel Reservoir
Automatic Bottling Index kit with bottle counter
Pneumatic indexing gates(count in, count out
Automatic product level sensing float system
Easily adjustable nozzle height settings accommodate vials to gallons
User-friendly PLC controls with touch screen HM
No bottle/No fill sensor
Bottle backup sensor(downstream) delays the operation until jam is cleared
Able to output multiple doses per container for large containers
Easy clean stainless steel quick connect fittings
Drip Tray
Diving heads nozzles for the bottom-up filling to reduce foam
Neck grabbers for containers with a small opening

rotary piston filler, high viscosity liquid filling machine,

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