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Filling Machine(2)-Gas-Containing Beverages and Beer in Isobaric Filling

Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

Isobaric filling means that the pressure in the tank is equal to the pressure in the bottle, and it is filled by the self-weight of the liquid flowing into the bottle. The isobaric filling machine is suitable for filling gas containing liquids, such as carbonated/energy/soft drink, beer, soda water, champagne, etc. Here we mainly introduce the gas-containing beverage and beer.

According to different bottle material, it has PET carbonated drink filling machine, glass bottle(aluminium or crown caps) carbonated drink/beer filling machine, can(aluminium/PET can) carbonated drink/beer filling machine and metal bottle(stain steel /aluminium bottle) carbonated drink/beer filling machine


PET bottle carbonated drink filling line, compared with the non-gas beverage, gas-containing beverage PET bottle bottom is concave shape because the bottle inside has pressure(it contain CO2).

According to CO2 content, it has a carbonated drink with high containing CO2 like Coca-Cola and soda water with low CO2.


Glass bottle carbonated soft drink filling linein an earlier time, more carbonated drink were filled in glass bottles. According to Sara Risch, a biochemist and founder of design science, the inside of aluminium alloy cans and plastic bottles are actually coated. Plastic or plastic coatings may react with carbonated liquids during storage, to affect the taste. Glass is the most inert material in packaging, so it best retains the original taste.

In fact, a small amount of beer in China is filled in a plastic bottle, of course, it is more common abroad. But because of process problems and alcohol and other ingredients in beer, plastic bottles will react with it to affect the taste.


Can gas drink filling machine/beer filling machinefor can, we usually use aluminium can to fill carbonated drink/beer Due to cost savings, some customers now use a plastic can. Why not use iron can, in addition to the weight and cost of the iron can, there is a dense oxide film on the surface of aluminium to prevent further oxidation. Without this function, iron can will always be oxidized.


Metal bottle automatic carbonated drink filling machine/beer filling machine, stainless steel bottle is another filling container for beer. Nowadays, because of environmental protection more and more people like aluminium bottle of carbonated drink and beer. Coca-Cola has launched aluminium bottle beverages to celebrate the World Expo and World Cup.

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