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Filling Machine(1)-Gravity Filling Machines for Non Carbonated Drink

Bottling Machine

Bottle filling machine, its filling method is gravity filling. Gravity filling machine, also known as atmospheric/normal pressure liquid filling machine, means that under atmospheric pressure, it directly relies on the weight of the filling material to flow into the packaging container. This kind of filling is only suitable for filling liquid with low viscosity and no gas.

According to different bottle material, it has PET bottle water filling machine, glass bottle water bottling equipment, and aluminum cans and bottle water bottling machine.

PET bottle mineral water bottling, low cost, easy to carry and diversified bottle design. It is the main way of drinking water packing in the market.

Glass bottle mineral water plant as high level water is becoming more and more popular.

Unlike plastic bottle water filling machine, glass bottle is bottom-supported filling because of its weight, while plastic bottle is clamp-neck type.

Here we are talking non-gas water, gas-containing water filling is different filling method.

Aluminum bottle/cans filling equipment water become more and more popular recently. Due to aluminium bottle are easy to recycle and environmentally friendly,they are not only used in beer and gas-containing beverages, but also in water bottles recently.

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