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Filling Equipment For Big Bottle 3L-10L Bottle

Mineral Water Filling Machine in Big Volume:3-10L

The appearance of big bottle water has changed people’s habit of drinking tap water for a long time.In recent years, due to the peculiar smell of water quality, secondary pollution of pipes and low quality qualification rate, 3 to 5 liter drinking water is becoming increasingly popular.The product with this capacity can better meet the water demand of people living alone, family and having independent office. The product characteristics of one-time packaging and short-term consumption can reduce the hidden danger of secondary pollution and avoid the waste caused by drinking too much.

The G20 summit event created “domestic water”. With the heat of the G20 summit, China top brand water -Nongfu, directly entered the kitchen cooking water market!

In the drinking water market, community water and domestic water will break out, especially domestic water, which will gradually form the subdivisional fields such as cooking, tea making, soup making, etc., and use more and more.

According to speed,3-10L automatic bottle filling machine can be divided into two types:

3L-10L Small Scale Water Bottling Plant in liner type(for low speed, like 200-1000BPH).

water bottle plant price

liquid bottle filling machine

liquid packaging machine

volumetric filler

3L-10L Water Packaging Machine in rotary type(for high speed, more than 1000BPH)

rotary filling machine

water filling machine for sale

water bottling equipment

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