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Pure Water & Mineral Water Treatment Plant (6)-UV Disinfection

Its bactericidal mechanism is to destroy the living genetic material of bacterial nucleic acid, making it unable to propagate. The most important reaction is that the pyrimidine salt in the nucleic acid molecule becomes a dimer. The ultraviolet energy of artificial 253.7nm wavelength using a low voltage mercury discharge lamp (sterilizing lamp) is generally used. The principle of the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp is the same as that of the fluorescent lamp, except that the inside of the lamp tube is not coated with fluorescent material, and the material of the lamp tube is quartz glass with high ultraviolet penetration rate. The most sensitive to ultraviolet light is pseudomonas aeruginosa and coliform; on the contrary, the most tolerant is the Bacillus subtilis spore. Because UV disinfection is safe, economical, less selective to bacteria, and water quality will not change, this method has been widely used, such as drinking water on ships. Igora, Basra, Salmonella, etc. in the water can kill, can drive into the water center 360-degree sterilization, the effect is equal to three times the water surface sterilizing lamp.

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