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Pure Water & Mineral Water Treatment Plant (11)-Nanofiltration Membrane

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Nanofiltration membrane, also known as ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane, operating pressure ≤ 1.50mPa, molecular weight cutoff 200 ~ 1000, NaCl rejection ≤ 90% of the membrane can be considered as a nanofiltration membrane. The nanofiltration membrane is between the RO and UF membranes, and the removal rate of NaCl is below 90%. The reverse osmosis membrane has a high removal rate for almost all solutes, but the nanofiltration membrane only has a high removal rate for a specific solute; the nanofiltration membrane mainly removes solute particles with a diameter of about 1 nanometer (nm), and the molecular weight cutoff is 100-1000. It is mainly used in the drinking water field to remove trihalomethane intermediates, the peculiar smell, chromaticity, pesticide, synthetic detergent, soluble organic matter, hardness components such as Ca and Mg, and evaporation residue.

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