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Pure Water & Mineral Water Treatment Plant (2)-Quartz Sand Filtration

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Quartz sand filtration is one of the most effective means to remove suspended solids from water, and is an important unit in advanced sewage treatment, sewage reuse, and supply water treatment. Its function is to further remove the pollutants that have been flocculated in the water, and it can achieve the purpose of purifying water through the interception, sedimentation, and adsorption of the filter material.

Application range

  1. For industrial water, domestic water and municipal water supply system that require effluent turbidity ≤ 5mg / L to meet drinking water quality standards;
  2. Removal of suspended solids and solids in industrial sewage;
  3. It can be used as a pre-treatment equipment in the softening and desalination system of ion exchange method, and coarse filtration equipment for industrial water supply with low water quality requirements.
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